Sophomores In A Sentence

Definition of Sophomores

plural of sophomore

How To Use Sophomores In A Sentence?

  • When the park was reached it was found that the sophomores were there ahead of them.
  • The sophomores went in to watch the freshmen practice and incidentally to have sport with them.
  • With cries of amazement the alarmed sophomores broke and scattered before the oncoming freshmen.
  • The sophomores retired to a safe distance and then challenged the freshmen to come out and fight.
  • The only occupants of the lawn were half a dozen sophomores clustered together at one end.
  • The freshmen and sophomores were, of course, keenly disappointed, and a number of them showed it.
  • The next morning they heard that only ten sophomores attended the mass meeting and that they had all talked at once.
  • Berta's hand was lifted again to beat time as the clapping for the sophomores subsided.
  • The sophomores were proud of themselves and worked hard to make the freshmen have a good time and feel at home.
  • The sophomores were astonished to see the freshmen suddenly whirl all together and rush toward the wall.
  • Out they rushed, but once more the crafty sophomores had vanished, and not one of them was to be found.
  • The girls recognized the wisdom of this decision and concluded to keep well away from any forced meeting of sophomores that evening.
  • That very day he heard some sophomores talking on the campus, and he lingered near enough to catch their words.
  • At the same time the sophomores moved toward the freshmen, and then there were shouts, taunts and jeers.
  • Thus the very first line of the sophomores made a formidable array, and it is not surprising that some of the freshmen were chicken-hearted.
  • For the time the freshmen were forced to remain silent, but they felt that the sophomores had not evened up matters by any means.
  • Dismal Jones was out as a scout, and he had agreed to let them know when the sophomores left their club.
  • The sophomores stormed and scolded, and the freshmen, who outnumbered them, laughed and flung back taunts.
  • He had not fancied that the sophomores would be able to get Harry away before he could arouse the freshmen and bring them to the rescue.
  • Here, however, the freshmen and sophomores had planted themselves in a solid mass, and it looked for the moment as if nothing could budge them.
  • The sophomores had likewise appointed a dozen scouts, strong, active fellows, every one of whom had shown ability as an athlete.
  • Hartwick induced Browning to leave the park, and the departure of the king caused the sophomores to wander away in small groups.
  • Then the professor called up a colored boy, who rubbed Bruce down, and the king of the sophomores finally departed.
  • He was not satisfied to associate with those of his own class, but he wanted it thought he was such a fine fellow that the sophomores picked him up for his company.
  • Frank looked the ground over, and he decided that an ordinary rush would not be successful, for that was the very thing the sophomores were expecting.
  • The sophomores shouted their satisfaction and delight, fully convinced that they had forced the freshmen to abandon all hope of going through the gate.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sophomores | Sophomores Sentence

  • One of the sophomores should accompany him.
  • Another party of sophomores came in.
  • At last the sophomores were thoroughly aroused.
  • The sophomores were filled with rage and chagrin.
  • The sophomores yelled back at them in derision.
  • The sophomores crouched like savage warriors in ambush.
  • More bets were made, the sophomores still giving odds.
  • The sophomores formed in front of the gate, five deep.
  • The king of the sophomores mopped his face with his handkerchief.
  • For the time the sophomores seemed to have the best of the game.
  • The sophomores uttered the cry as they hugged the wall on the inside.
  • The king of the sophomores smiled in a lazy way, but did not reply.
  • The sophomores had formed by twos, with Browning and Emery in advance.

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