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  • It is the function of the tenor in any such choir to escort the soprano to her home.
  • I will, if you will show me what you can do with that wonderful soprano voice of yours.
  • Besides, what rivalry could there possibly be between a soprano and a contralto?
  • The trees are full of their own rustling song and of the clear soprano notes of crowding birds.
  • My dear young lady, it is evident that a desire has seized you to practice your soprano voice.
  • The alto and one soprano never rested, and developed respectively a good tenor and bass.
  • Shortly he found himself enlisted as a soprano in the boy choir of a large Episcopal church.
  • Her superb, liquid soprano is pure, smooth and equal throughout its entire large compass.
  • A wild, haunting, feminine scream arose to a quavering soprano and sobbed away into silence.
  • And now and then I caught a high soprano note beyond the powers of a Tetrazzini.
  • On leaving his hands the young soprano went over to Paris to study opera with his sister, Mme.
  • The coloratura soprano was a Dutch woman, speaking German with more accent than I did.
  • Her pure soprano had a range of three octaves, from A to A, with flute-like upper tones.
  • Most of them have their eccentricities and the soprano is lucky if these are innocuous peculiarities.
  • The baritone was of the tried and true type, and a great favourite, and the soprano was easy to get on with.
  • She sang and played twice for the company, and her perfectly true high soprano filled the whole house.
  • His usual plan is to turn over to the alto part boys who are losing their upper notes by the natural failure of their soprano voices.
  • A very flattering person was comparing my voice to that of another high soprano whom I very much admire.
  • I have three boys in one family in my mind now, one of whom had a good alto, the other two good soprano voices.
  • Recently a young woman who started her vocal career as a contralto has sung the most difficult of Wagnerian soprano parts.
  • Tenor and soprano assured one another vigorously from pew to pew that they were Christian soldiers marching as to war.
  • After the opening chorus, the soprano would go on for her aria, and while she was singing it, we would decide what to give next.
  • La partie de soprano de ce morceau est, d'ailleurs, √©crite trop constamment dans le haut.
  • A tireless Italian soprano and a Russian tenor were grinding out some of the stock music of the place.
  • But I always pleased my father by singing real "second voice" and not just following the soprano in thirds.
  • Pauline Colson was a charming artist, a French soprano of distinction in her own country and always delightful in her work.
  • She has been known to invade dingy Government offices for a tenor, and to run a soprano to earth in distant Bloomsbury.
  • Fra Domenico at the foot of the altar had pattered through the Confiteor, his deep voice responded to by the soprano of the ministering page.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Soprano | Soprano Sentence

  • She had a rich, sweet, clear soprano voice.
  • There was sometimes another volunteer soprano to do pages and the like.
  • She had a sweet voice, and was the soprano of the church choir.
  • Then we sang together, and she wandered into the soprano part.
  • Prascovia is an important soprano part, and had to be well taken.
  • The soprano was thrown over the railing, and somebody turned off the gas.
  • Polly's high soprano floated up clear and piercing-sweet.
  • Then a fine soprano voice followed, in a favourite opera air.
  • In the last named country he became a boy soprano and sang with much success.
  • Marjorie had a heavenly childish soprano and I a heavy nondescript voice.
  • The "high dramatic" soprano in my next engagement was from Croatia.
  • Lilli Lehmann, the greatest Wagnerian soprano of the last century.

Definition of Soprano

to sing or utter with high pitch, like a soprano singer | Musical part or section higher in pitch than alto and other sections. | Person or instrument that performs the soprano part.
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