Sorceress in a sentence

Definition of Sorceress

A female sorcerer, especially one who is elegant; compare witch.

Short Example Sentence for Sorceress

  • 1. But Ortrud was not a sorceress for nothing.
  • 2. The name of this reputed sorceress was Thergunna.
  • 3. Thus Tibullus says of a sorceress (i. eleg.
  • 4. I tell you, the sorceress who has bewitched him has bewitched you also.
  • 5. And so, with all due solemnity, the sorceress went to her work.
  • 6. Yet the morning found the powerful Sorceress still unsuccessful.
  • 7. That seemed a sorceress who wove Sweet spells of beam and bloom.
  • 8. Again the sorceress Medea came to the hero's help.
  • 9. These parents are the wine-god Bacchus and the sorceress Circe.

How to use Sorceress in a Sentence?

  • 1. Fascinating, funny novel of a modern sorceress and an inhibited, bad-tempered doctor.
  • 2. She rescues Malati from the hands of the sorceress and restores her to her despairing lover.
  • 3. Nevertheless, the wise Sorceress did not despair of finding a way to liberate her friends.
  • 4. The Sorceress took a little time to consider this question, before she made reply.
  • 5. The colour returned to her cheek, and, opening her eyes, she fixed on the sorceress a wild gaze.
  • 6. The sorceress vows vengeance against Madhava for slaying her preceptor Aghorghanta.
  • 7. Finally the good Sorceress paused and drew a ring from her finger, handing it to Dorothy.
  • 8. Instead, it was Princess Gayelette, the reclusive but highly respected sorceress from the north.
  • 9. She had been the merriest of flappers and was now a sorceress to beguile with her arts in innocent and unconscious charm.
  • 10. At the right of the Sorceress stood Audah and Aurah, while at the left stood the Wizard and Aujah.
  • 11. To make her a sorceress was an ingenious device for getting rid of a much-decried element of the social variety.
  • 12. And now men cursed her, beneath their breath, as a sorceress who was to bring war and destruction upon them.
  • 13. The oracles of my Highland sorceress had no claim to consideration except in the matter of obscurity.
  • 14. The three knelt an instant before the great Sorceress and then stood upright and waited for her to speak.
  • 15. This was so unusual that every maid gave a start and even the Sorceress for a moment could not think what the alarm meant.
  • 16. The Sorceress looked through all her recipes and books of sorcery, but could find no magic that would raise a sunken island.
  • 17. I loved her, and I should love her more and more every day, that little sorceress who had so despotically and so quickly conquered me.
  • 18. The grand sorcerer Charka and the grand sorceress Thoubool occupied a conspicuous divan upholstered with cloth of gold.
  • 19. At last, his Canadian sorceress took compassion upon him, and declaring she was tired, asked him to drive her across the pond.
  • 20. The sorceress inquisitively examined the temple, and with surprise and pleasure encountered her own statue crowned with fresh cypress and faded roses.
  • 21. These would be commanded by the high priestess Zooly-Soase and the grand sorceress Thoubool in equal divisions.
  • 22. The Sorceress now asked her guests to seat themselves and a long talk followed, in which the Wizard of Oz shared.
  • 23. At that instant a flash of lightning hurled the dagger from his hand, and, instead of Rasalkol, the sorceress Hiorba stood before him.
  • 24. This I counsel thee fourthly: if a wicked sorceress dwells by the way, to go on is better than there to lodge, though night may overtake thee.
  • 25. Then the barons gathered them together, and said plainly they would not have those ladies burnt for an horn made by sorcery, that came from as false a sorceress and witch as then was living.
  • 26. As the sibyls sat in caves, so the sorceress sat in the dark archway, immovable when not sought, mysterious as are all her kind, and something to wonder at.