Sorrel In A Sentence

How To Use Sorrel In A Sentence?

  • I have seen the same flame in the mane of a black horse bred from a sorrel dam or sire.
  • Shirley found herself wedged in between Jupiter and a powerful sorrel on her other side.
  • The sorrel mare lay beside it, asleep also, with her head thrown up against her shoulder.
  • He unhitched the lead team and in place of the sorrel put a saddle horse called Pacer.
  • During the summer I had purchased a famous chestnut sorrel horse named Don Carlos.
  • The faithful Cochino Colorow rode with them on a favourite sorrel as far as Antelope Springs.
  • Twice the loop circled over her head before she flipped it out straight and true toward the frantic sorrel as he surged by.
  • Pard's muscles stiffened against the jerk of the rope, and the sorrel went down with a bump.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sorrel | Sorrel Sentence

  • Neither does that sorrel juice.
  • Serve with sorrel and anchovy sauce.
  • Pick and wash the sorrel and drain the water.
  • I wonder if that sorrel is rope broke.
  • Hurry straight up to the sorrel and mount and ride off.
  • The sorrel swung clear of the fence.
  • The groom was saddling the sorrel horse.
  • At their head rode a man on a sorrel horse.
  • Would the sorrel like to know what noise really was?
  • But the sorrel was lacking in enthusiasm for country life.
  • But is not the sorrel itself red, and the oxeyes white?
  • No, the sorrel had done his hauling on land.
  • The cockroach is ov tew colours, sorrel and black.
  • Neils Halvorsen shook his sorrel head.
  • I can in the sorrel sit Where the ladybird alit.
  • I wonder what Micah Sorrel did.
  • Poached Eggs with Sorrel or Endive.
  • The great sorrel was oblivious of this pastime of his master.
  • Mount the sorrel and start off like you were in a deuce of a hurry.
  • And you watch the sorrel get what's coming to him.
  • The man shook his reins and bustled the great sorrel under him.
  • So she picked the sorrel quietly, and put it into her basket.
  • Big pans of boiled spinach and sorrel stood cooling in the little backyard.
  • The sorrel lunged and fought the rope, and snorted and reared.
  • Run she did, and startled the sorrel so that it took quick work to catch him.
  • She was a villainously ugly animal of faded, sunburnt sorrel color.
  • Natalie rode a young sorrel rejoicing in the name of Caspar.
  • He rejected the sorrel with the Roman nose, as stubborn and foolish.
  • Grape tendrils, too, have an acid zest, as do Sorrel leaves.
  • We got orders to take over the trenches at Mount Sorrel the same night.
  • One of these, of course, was old Kate, the sorrel mare who mothered him.
  • Much the best hunter I ever owned was a sorrel horse named Sagamore.

Definition of Sorrel

Of a brown colour, with a tint of red. (especially: a sorrel horse) | A brown colour, with a tint of red.
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