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  • Night after night the Burgundian army was troubled by the bold sorties of the citizens.
  • They had feared our sorties evidently as much as we had their rushes, had these Chinese soldiers.
  • Many other sorties were made from the fortress, but were designed rather to delay the siege than with any serious hope of breaking the investment.
  • His confidence is explained by the fact that all previous sorties of the Germans had been made by battle cruisers or small craft.
  • The 30,000 men at the frontier were not sufficient to permit of any effective sorties to protect the approaches to the Liege fortifications.
  • The army now advanced to the bridge which led from Gezemanie to the city, and repulsed two sorties of the enemy.
  • The next day he entered the town, making several vigorous sorties on the enemy, who now began to gather in round him on all sides.
  • Having so large a force, he was able to push forward with great rapidity, although the garrison made several gallant sorties to interfere with the work.
  • There was no longer any danger of sorties from the walls, and the besiegers ceased to be at all on their guard, but went and came at their ease about the castle, just as if there were no enemy near.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sorties | Sorties Sentence

  • Several sorties were made.
  • Our sorties have pushed some of them back.
  • I was here three days, sending my Indians on sorties through the tule swamps.

Definition of Sorties

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sortie | plural of sortie
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