Sought In A Sentence

Definition of Sought

simple past tense and past participle of seek

How To Use Sought In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps it was better that the musician then only sought for sympathy among his own kind.
  • Trembling with excitement, she sought for a path that should lead her to the seashore.
  • His drivers sought cover in and under the wagons, where they had spent the night.
  • He seemed content to carry his load of misery in silence, and only sought to carry it by my side.
  • Some helped, other sought to dissuade him, as he secured the line around his own waist.
  • In the Theaetetus we sought to discover the nature of knowledge and false opinion.
  • Dupleix, however, was not driven to despair, but still sought means of renewing the contest.
  • One seemed to see as well as feel this heat, and Griffiths sought vain relief by gazing shoreward.
  • Ulric lay down upon the sand and wept, for he knew that the gift for which he had sought so long was not for him.
  • It was with this in view that at this very time he paid a visit to the western tribes and sought to ascertain their ideas upon the subject.
  • I sought various ways to divert his mind, and to arouse him from the constant meditations in which he was plunged.
  • Horses were killed or disabled, and the men deserted the guns and sought shelter behind wall or embankment.
  • The king at last dismounted and sought for an entrance, while the prince held the horses in the pelting rain.
  • He looked from her to the man whom she sought to protect, and who answered, unasked, the thoughts that were in his mind.
  • The swarthy face of the gipsy gleamed with passion, and his unoccupied right hand sought his side, as if for a weapon.
  • We have sought the truth, and how far we have found it, no one should proceed to determine without having first read and examined.
  • So saying he dismissed the assembled people, and beckoning Doola, sought the seclusion of his own apartment.
  • I made no new friends nor acquaintances; sought none of the pleasures of Naples which my rank and fortune threw open to me.
  • He fanned her; and she sought his eyes incessantly with the deep pure blue of hers, and slaked her ever-thirsty love with long, passionate gazing.
  • When told of his fate she was horrified, and in the early morning she sought Strachan to plead for his life, but was rudely repulsed.
  • Unknown to the King, she visited all the magicians in his realm, and sought their help to aid her in the fulfilment of her wish; but in vain.
  • He sought her in her favorite nook by the side of the La Belle, and there he found her gazing pensively into the water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sought | Sought Sentence

  • Have you really sought that strength?
  • I sought the village church.
  • Hubert bowed, and sought for words.
  • I was guileless when I sought the interview.
  • I have long sought you, Micio.
  • The Englishman now sought the fair Venetian.
  • When he was ready, he sought Grace, to say good-bye.
  • He rather sought to laugh me out of my own forebodings and presentiments.
  • I sought my mother's grave.
  • His eyes sought his wife's in vain.
  • In vain had her hand been sought by the beaux for twenty miles around.
  • They sought rather to write a history of peoples than a history of kings.
  • Happiness, which had fled him in his palace, sought him out in his dungeon.
  • I sought to serve my fellow-men, and they have persecuted me from among them.
  • Harry and Jack sought shelter in a clump of bushes by the roadside.
  • Her hand sought the bosom of her dress, but Tom did not notice.
  • Unconsciously Pinkey's hand sought his eyebrows, as he laughed hollowly.
  • Impatiently I sought you: and am glad To have encounter'd you thus readily.

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