Soundness In A Sentence

Definition of Soundness

(uncountable) The state or quality of being sound. | (countable) The result or product of being sound. | (logic) The property (of an argument) of not only being valid, but also of having true premises.

How To Use Soundness In A Sentence?

  • Billy admitted the soundness of this scheme, but wished to know how it was to be done.
  • He rested well, and ascribed the soundness of his sleep to the stillness of the country.
  • They will talk loudly of soundness in the faith, and have a keen nose for heresy.
  • Dufaure believed more than I did in the soundness of republican institutions and in their future.
  • But the soundness of the plan I had proposed quickly made itself manifest to her.
  • To doubt its success would be to doubt the moral soundness of Christian civilization.
  • We believe there is sufficient soundness in Secular principles to make way in the world.
  • We cannot reconcile faith in the Christian superstitions with mental soundness and good sense.
  • The two who entertained no doubt as to the soundness of her mind were Sube and Nancy.
  • Careful examination since the publication of the above tends to corroborate the soundness of the conclusions there first formulated.
  • This influence was strengthened as his shrewdness and the soundness of his judgment made themselves apparent in the councils of the nation.
  • There are farmers in various parts of the country who warrant the soundness of the potatoes they supply their customers.
  • Church and state gain in soundness and efficiency by every individual conscience that functions within their bounds.
  • His example and influence will go very far to counteract the advantages presumably ensured by the soundness of his stock.
  • An indifferent speaker, he nevertheless adorned the bench by the soundness of his law and the excellence of his judgments.
  • I forgot that it is not for the prejudiced eye to detect the almost imperceptible bound which separates soundness of mind from insanity.
  • Irrespective of the soundness of these claims, it did not appear by what right the society called upon its members to support them.
  • It is a work instinct with musicianly feeling, and its strength is borne out by the soundness and skill displayed in its construction.
  • Upon the soundness of the decision depends, in great part, the effectiveness of the resulting action.
  • The uncertainty of his moods may have frequently affected the soundness of his opinions, but not often the justice of his actions.
  • The situation thus envisaged may be specific or broad in nature, depending on the soundness of the deductions.
  • The politicians talk about the soundness of the instincts of the people Something more than instinct is wanted in a democracy.
  • The soundness of the resulting conclusion will depend on the extent of the knowledge available (page 2) and on its useful employment.
  • There was a gravity in her assertion that would not be denied, and even Ruxton realized the soundness of her argument.
  • Inasmuch as he accompanied his opinions with the crutch-Winchester aforesaid, their soundness was conceded by the presiding judge.
  • I protest I only repeat her own words; the soundness of her judgment soon pointed out to her the dangers of such a proceeding.
  • Readers, lay and professional, let me reiterate in my parting words, words at white heat with conviction as to their soundness and utility.
  • Congreve had a certain soundness of mind; of capacity, in the sense intended by Landor, he had little.
  • The Presbytery being deeply impressed with "the errors of the times," examined him strictly as to his soundness of faith.
  • Of the soundness of our title to the Islands at international law there is not the shadow of a doubt; the Islands are ours.
  • Having made my protest and my prediction, I was compelled to yield; but the first newspapers on the streets proved the soundness of my fears.
  • As to the soundness of the general principle of a people being consulted in the choice of their spiritual pastor, there can scarcely be two opinions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Soundness | Soundness Sentence

  • But the soundness of this analogy we disputed.
  • Allusion has been made to his soundness on finance.
  • Rodd accepted the soundness of this rudimentary ethic.
  • He wants not taste, but sense, and soundness of judgment.
  • Later he was thoroughly convinced of the soundness of this theory.
  • Here, again, the soundness of the teaching is taken for granted.
  • The soundness of Sol's judgment became apparent at once.
  • The soundness of Aristotle's thought here is very noteworthy.

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