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  • The southeast corner is rounded and braced or buttressed.
  • One of the old provinces in southeast France.
  • This is a mile and a half southeast of Bluff City.
  • A town in southeast France, noted for its Roman ruins.
  • An Indian graveyard was located a few rods from its southeast corner.
  • Florence and Amelia will room together; they can have the southeast room.
  • The family was located by Hale to the southeast of the Lutuami (Klamath).
  • The effigy of Roscoe Conkling, by J.Q.A. Ward, is at the southeast corner.
  • At the southeast corner of Thirty-seventh Street is Tiffany's.

How To Use Southeast In A Sentence?

  • It had stopped its aimless scanning and was quivering steadily on the southeast horizon.
  • The scanty remains of the episcopal palace may be seen southeast of the church.
  • Then they divided the meat, and took a part of it to the southeast end of the village.
  • To the southeast an evanescent greenish glow heralded the opening revels of the aurora borealis.
  • Vast clouds growing out of the southeast almost covered the heavens now, concealing the sun.
  • The hills, particularly to the southeast of the copper-works, are barren in the extreme.
  • But the fifty-mile stage from Crockett to the southeast was the worst on the long line.
  • The broad street beside the forum running southeast is the one down which Ariston fled.
  • To the southeast of Shavli the Russians offered strong resistance yesterday to our advance.
  • For instance, practically no people now pass through Ambawan, southeast of Bontoc.
  • The little pair southeast of Aldebaran, called the Sigmas, is also a beautiful object.
  • Green Leyton is another small village in the same parish of Hartburn, and is southeast of Rodeley.
  • An immense emblematic eye painted on the southeast corner of the room glared down on each as he entered.
  • In the southeast corner of the second room from the east there is an opening through the front wall which may have been a drain.
  • They used to be not uncommonly seen in many sections of the southeast but are now found very locally and only in the largest and remote woods.
  • You forget that the storm is over to the southwest, boys, and this red light lies in the east, or southeast rather.
  • She kept well to the southwest until she struck the southeast trades, when she swung around on her course, headed straight for her destination.
  • I want you to look at the upper southeast corner of that cushion, and see if there ain't a cat's hair there.
  • To the east, heavy masses of clouds promised a renewal of the southeast trades, accompanied by sharp puffs and rain squalls.
  • This, also known as Saltpeter Cave, is near Temple Hill, 9 miles southeast of Glasgow.
  • The centre of gravity was suddenly shifted, and at a single stride the danger passed from the southeast of Europe to the northwest.
  • Since last night the Russians have also been retreating near Mosciska and to the southeast of that place.
  • The Atlantic coast line has a northwest and southeast trend and is indented by the bay or lagoon of Chiriqui.
  • A southeast wind hurled tumble weeds and Russian thistle through the air at a twenty-nine-mile gait, and the gait went too.
  • I found tadpoles in pools in rocky streams in pine forest at 3.3 kilometers north and at 8.5 kilometers southeast of Zacualtipan.
  • Finding nothing, if ye strike southeast over the rises, ye'll head us off on the Dakota trail.
  • In the southeast you will recognize the quadrilateral of Corvus, with the remarkably white star Spica glittering east of it.
  • They are now in two villages, one on the southeast of the Missouri, the other on the opposite side, and at the distance of three miles across.
  • The road now was all a part of the mad, overwhelming Sage Brush hurrying its flood waters to the southeast with all its might.
  • Because of their great strength the labyrinth of German trenches and fortifications southeast of Neuville-St.
  • This cavern, which is 3 miles southeast of Munfordville, has an opening at the bottom of a sink hole, requiring a rope or ladder for descent.

Definition of Southeast

Southeastern, southeasternmost; occupying a position that is relatively southeast of another. | Towards the southeast; southeastwards. | From the southeast, southeasterly.
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