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  • I want to buy the quarter section lying southeast of us.
  • A village southeast of Chalco.
  • They got their pine nuts southeast of Reno.
  • This is a mile and a half southeast of Bluff City.
  • The scanty remains of the episcopal palace may be seen southeast of the church.
  • A locality southeast of Tezcuco, near the lake, so called from a large spring.
  • It was located about 100 miles Southeast of Berlin near the town of Saigon.
  • The family was located by Hale to the southeast of the Lutuami (Klamath).
  • These Philippine Islands are about six hundred miles southeast of Hong Kong.
  • This is between Freedom and Mount Hermon, about 14 miles southeast of Glasgow.
  • Fragments of pottery from Old Zuni Mesa, three miles southeast of Zuni.

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  • The hills, particularly to the southeast of the copper-works, are barren in the extreme.
  • To the southeast of Shavli the Russians offered strong resistance yesterday to our advance.
  • After another capture, this mouse ran to a small juniper log 40 feet southeast of station G3d.
  • For instance, practically no people now pass through Ambawan, southeast of Bontoc.
  • It was a forty-five mile line connecting Havana with the town of Guines, southeast of the city.
  • Another specimen (202-8127) found at the same place, shown southeast of the quarry pit, in Fig.
  • The little pair southeast of Aldebaran, called the Sigmas, is also a beautiful object.
  • Green Leyton is another small village in the same parish of Hartburn, and is southeast of Rodeley.
  • Three miles southeast of Charlottesville is Monticello, the seat of Thomas Jefferson.
  • The first building that looked like a hotel or public house was a frame building that stood southeast of the court house.
  • This, also known as Saltpeter Cave, is near Temple Hill, 9 miles southeast of Glasgow.
  • The centre of gravity was suddenly shifted, and at a single stride the danger passed from the southeast of Europe to the northwest.
  • Since last night the Russians have also been retreating near Mosciska and to the southeast of that place.
  • Among the Midianite tribes living to the south and southeast of Palestine he found refuge and generous hospitality.
  • I found tadpoles in pools in rocky streams in pine forest at 3.3 kilometers north and at 8.5 kilometers southeast of Zacualtipan.
  • They are now in two villages, one on the southeast of the Missouri, the other on the opposite side, and at the distance of three miles across.
  • At about this time we made another move to a field near Maidstone, a small town southeast of London.
  • Because of their great strength the labyrinth of German trenches and fortifications southeast of Neuville-St.
  • The legs were flexed so that the femora lay at right angles or to the southeast of the pelvis, and the tibiae and fibulae lay parallel to them.
  • This cavern, which is 3 miles southeast of Munfordville, has an opening at the bottom of a sink hole, requiring a rope or ladder for descent.
  • Southeast of the Mariampol-Kovno Road battles against Russian reinforcements arriving from the south have commenced.
  • This position rested on the fortress of Maubeuge on the right and extended west to Jenlain, southeast of Valenciennes, on the left.
  • On the Brown property, 7 miles southeast of Stover, is a reported cave, which proved to be a natural tunnel 400 feet long.
  • Although the breeze had now utterly failed, we had made a great deal of way during the night, and were now lying becalmed about half a mile to the southeast of the low eastern coast.
  • These lines ran northwest-southeast, starting 1,000 feet southeast of, and ending 3,000 feet northwest of, Mug House.
  • Southeast of Newfoundland the continental shelf has an irregular surface, marked by shoals and depressions, and furnishes the most valuable fishing-banks in the world.
  • After stubborn fighting the Russian front to the east and southeast of Jaroslau was broken and the enemy was forced to retreat with very heavy losses.
  • In the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau, about 5 miles southeast of Dunlap, the county seat, is the largest cave in the county.
  • Fresh Russian forces advanced from the region of Mikolaiow and Rohatyn, to the south and the southeast of Lemberg, respectively.
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