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  • The Southerners were angry.
  • The Southerners were careful of their women.
  • I hope the Southerners will be more considerate.
  • The Southerners were rising by the thousands to defend it.
  • The Southerners turned back to their boat.
  • Some of the Southerners look real nice.
  • The Southerners could not prevent its passage.
  • The Southerners opposed the passage of this last law.
  • Why did the Southerners object to the admission of Maine?
  • So the instincts of the southerners whispered in their ears.
  • Why should the Southerners have felt so strongly about this election?
  • Why were the Southerners so afraid of any discussion of slavery?
  • Could the Southerners have done otherwise than fire on the flag?
  • Enough Southerners voted for the assumption bill to pass it.
  • How had the demands of the Southerners concerning slavery increased?
  • Most of you Southerners have, but when you catch up you speed all right.
  • I have often found the Southerners rather touchy on this point.
  • But the Southerners would have been glad to have a duty placed on hemp.
  • The Southerners tied their boat to the wall and climbed upon the esplanade.
  • How wonderfully these Southerners were like the Northerners!
  • The Southerners not being gods, nor made even of iron, now turned and fled.
  • How are the Northerners and the Southerners changed after they have gone West?
  • The Southerners had fired on "Old Glory.
  • What help did the Southerners hope to obtain from Great Britain and France?

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  • Many stanch Southerners and not a few abolitionists generated an electrical atmosphere.
  • The Southerners were anxious to have the national capital as far south as possible.
  • The fourth was the unfounded belief that Southerners were the better fighting men.
  • At the same time the Southerners were uniting to resist all attempts to interfere with slavery.
  • It was estimated that two hundred millions of dollars were owed by Southerners to Northerners.
  • When the war eventually became inevitable, $200,000,000 were owed by Southerners to Northerners.
  • That was hard sledding for a time and Southerners are not welcome in New York Society.
  • Because," replied Dr. Latrobe, "we Southerners will never submit to negro supremacy.
  • Consider some great southerners who have handled most exciting sectional themes without giving offence.
  • Suppose the territory to be open to all; then southerners could go and carry slaves with them, and so could northerners.
  • They were probably right, and for this very reason the Southerners wished to have slavery in the territories.
  • But the Southerners demanded that the platform should pledge the party actively to protect slavery in the territories.
  • As few Southerners are extensive travelers, there are necessarily few books of travel and description.
  • Some of the young Southerners had ordered up sundry bottles of champagne, and were drinking the same in a corner.
  • Their attacks were simply irresistible, and although the Southerners fought with their accustomed stubbornness and bravery they had to give way.
  • Many persons in the North thought that the Southerners had a perfect right to secede if they wished.

Definition of Southerners

plural of southerner
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