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  • They feel no southward impulse.
  • Be-south, to the southward of.
  • The southward view is scarcely so fine.
  • Accordingly he marched southward without delay.
  • In passing to the southward they go close to you.
  • On his way southward he subdued many villages.
  • To the southward sparkled the waters of a new sea.
  • Then he launched his boat, and they sailed southward again.
  • And the old earth sliding southward fifty miles an hour!
  • I shall push southward to-morrow morning early.
  • On the 5th, the river led us to the southward and westward.
  • He's hikin' southward now on the other side of the range.
  • Texas, and southward into Mexico.
  • California, southward and east to Arizona.
  • Chapter 10: Southward Ho!
  • As it was, the course was southward almost to Fort Washita.
  • All was arranged, Paul was to go southward in July.
  • Southern Texas and southward to South America.
  • Southern New Mexico southward through central Mexico.
  • That night the wind shifted again to the southward and westward.
  • Anguille marks the approximate southward limit of their exploration.
  • The slaves probably had been sent southward before that time.
  • Once more we turn our faces southward over the bleak and lifeless plains.
  • Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas and southward into Mexico.
  • When he had caught the air he banked southward and fed the motors all he had.
  • Its object is to flank the long ravine which runs southward from it.
  • From here southward there are no more trees, only tules and more tules.
  • And for a moment the two women gazed southward with the same hopefulness.
  • Farther to the southward was a ledge, with only nine feet of water on it.
  • The view to the southward resembled a tempest-tossed ocean suddenly frozen.
  • They had already met one colony of runners ranging southward to escape.
  • Then they blest the magic bough, and sailed southward along the land.

How To Use Southward In A Sentence?

  • An expedition to the southward was soon the unwelcome cause of their separation.
  • Distant thunder was audible to westward and southward frequently during the afternoon.
  • She had come up from the southward before the wind, and had only her mainsail set.
  • From the foot of the hill a plain extended southward to the junction of the rivers.
  • Five minutes later they were heading back southward in the direction of their bridge.
  • She therefore made excellent progress to the southward after parting from the friendly whaler.
  • The ironbark-trees are seldom or never found far to the southward of the main range.
  • The fever had beaten him, and he turned his face southward and trekked for civilisation.

Definition of Southward

Situated or directed towards the south; moving or facing towards the south. | The direction or area lying to the south of a place. | Towards the south; in a southerly direction.
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