Space In A Sentence

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  • Vast space available.
  • B. moves into space 3.
  • D. moves into space 1.
  • F. moves into space 6.
  • D. moves into space 4.
  • B. moves into space 6.
  • F. moves into space 3, and the trick is done.
  • F. passes over B. into space 4.
  • C. passes over D. into space 5.
  • D. passes over B. into space 2.
  • E. passes over C. into space 4.
  • A. passes over F. into space 5.
  • C. passes over F. into space 7.
  • B. passes over E. into space 5.
  • A. passes over D. into space 3.
  • E. passes over A. into space 2.
  • There were two cement pillars and the space between them had been tiled.
  • There's all kinds of space on the walls for posters.
  • It really seemed for a blank space as if my fall must have jarred the earth.
  • Thus the coefficient of space utilization is increased from .50 to .80.
  • The space occupied by the insulation is, in this sense, waste space.

How To Use Space In A Sentence?

  • Never had such a beneficial change been wrought in the short space of eighteen months.
  • Where economy of winding space is desirable the advantages of this may readily be seen.
  • But there is a limit even to the space of time for which one can enjoy tea and buttered toast.
  • After following the cross-road a space they saw the dim lights of a house ahead.
  • Within a certain space their fancy revels, and then its lines are suddenly cut short.
  • Heavens, but a man can think a lot in the space of time it takes to count three!
  • The theatre is large, and every space was filled and prettily decorated with wreaths of flowers.
  • In such a winding there would be no waste of space and a maximum amount of metal employed as a conductor.
  • Frank had brought from the city quite a lot of gaily colored sheets with a blank space left at the top.
  • It seemed to come from the pitch-black space between the posts on which the house was built, but he did not stop to investigate.
  • The space between the conductors may be filled with either air or solid matter, or it may be a vacuum.
  • The shadows divided, and what seemed to him the edge of darkness moved forward into the dimly lighted space at his side.
  • In a row parallel to the base and four or five rods from it were four empty log houses with a space of about four rods between each two.
  • The workman on the job had not yet tuckpointed the space he had covered, and had left behind some of his material, a trowel and other utilities.
  • There was a vacant space behind the Wonderland, and across this people were running in the direction of the fire.
  • And to each of these subjects, and to all others pertinent, the Cyclopedia gives proper space and treatment.
  • This space was likewise covered with yew trees, clipped and cut in every conceivable form, after the vile taste of the seventeenth century.
  • It would take too much space to describe all the victories, and relate the details of the burning of three hundred towns, villages, and castles!
  • Year after year has the stretching process continued; but now the great company of linen drapers and hosiers have all the space that can be spared them.

Definition of Space

(obsolete, intransitive) To roam, walk, wander. | (transitive) To set some distance apart. | To insert or utilise spaces in a written text.
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