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  • At length the spade of the fisherman struck upon something that sounded hollow.
  • I am much surprised at his absconding, as he had nothing but a spade to go off with.
  • The fellow handles a spade as if it was the first time he had ever had one in his hand.
  • The spade of to-day reveals no more than the traditions of two thousand years ago.
  • Often as a man has been digging in the hard-packed ashes, his spade has struck into a hole.
  • Hughie took his turn at the spade but to Kenny his methodical competence proved an irritant.
  • The man with the spade hits the other (whose face is most woe-begone) on the head (illust.
  • The Great Mayor, laying his golden spade at the feet of the Supreme Priest, knelt in silence.
  • The walls were too massive for our strength, and the pickaxe and spade were thrown aside in despair.
  • A stream of pebbles and earth and the empty spade gleams clear in the moonlight, then is rammed again into the black earth.
  • He was a famous stickler for ancient usages, and it was understood that there were twenty thousand spade guineas in an iron box under his bed.
  • The local police were already scouring the country, and under intelligent supervision had accomplished a great deal of the spade work.
  • He would throw off his coat, seize the spade or the hoe, and go to work himself with the most intense relish.
  • Wealth has its source in applications of the mind to nature, from the rudest strokes of spade and axe, up to the last secrets of art.
  • He should not have done this, for a spade is a dangerous weapon, especially in the hands of a man as strong as is the pastor in spite of his years.
  • His arms were very weak, while his spade was large and heavy; and he had worked a full two hours before he had dug as many feet.
  • Luther had a very coarse subject to deal with, and Luther believed that a spade is best called a spade.
  • The cut was not deep, but it had evidently fractured the skull, and had plainly been made by a blow from a spade or some similar blunt instrument.
  • He was as good a sailor as the Captain, and enjoyed his meals as if he worked with a spade instead of a brush and pencil.
  • After a time when he went out himself to look at the work, he found Niels leaning on his spade eating nuts.
  • Accordingly, with the spade in one hand and the lamp in the other, I started to retrace my steps to the hoisting cage.
  • The men set to work, but they were not eager enough to suit Bruus, who seized a spade himself to fire them on.
  • He had been there all the morning, and knew nothing of Edith or the vanished squaw; but he threw down his spade at once and joined the searchers.
  • The older Hebrew account, however, in their judgment agrees perfectly with the evidence revealed by the spade of the excavator.
  • After this was done, Morten took a spade and gave the head of the corpse two crashing blows, one over the nose, the other on the temple.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Spade | Spade Sentence

  • The spade she had herself picked up.
  • A spade grinding and crunching.
  • He had done good spade work.
  • The spade trembled slightly in his hands.
  • And with his spade he cut a hole through the melon.
  • The tools were a pick of glass and a spade of earthenware.
  • Why, a spade that stood there digging and delving.
  • If the soil be sandy and loose, spade in clay and ashes.
  • Well, I never saw a pig with a spade that could dig!
  • Hunt them up a spade or a shovel and set them digging their neighbors out.
  • At this he threw away his spade and swore valiantly at his master.
  • It has required a good deal of pretty hard spade work by the committee.
  • Another by digging and forging, turns one spade into two spades.
  • Reckless Amaryllis cared not a pin for all the spade guineas in the iron box.
  • Black was not as black to her as to Maria; a spade was not so truly a spade.

Definition of Spade

To turn over soil with a spade to loosen the ground for planting. | A hart or stag three years old. | A castrated man or animal.
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