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  • It played jokes spanning millennia.
  • Met spanning wachtte en luisterde men.
  • A spanning or opening of a frame, and designed to carry the wall above it.
  • Then burst an arch of wondrous radiance forth, Spanning the vaulted skies.
  • There's an arch of color spanning the west; April is here!

How To Use Spanning In A Sentence?

  • A fantastic bridge spanning the brief marshland, frozen by the moonlight, appealed to them.
  • And, sure enough, just ahead, they could see its dim shape spanning the stream.
  • Wij luisterden destijds met evenveel spanning naar elk geluid, als wij het nu doen.
  • Her great, smooth bow lay straight ahead, metal hawser arm spanning the thirty feet between them.
  • Where stood the Boykin Mill spanning the creek, whose rill Flows dark and deep.
  • Two bellicose goats once encountered each other in the middle of a narrow bridge spanning a deep gulf and a raging torrent.
  • The bridge spanning the lake and connecting the hamlet with the island, was grand with triumphal arches.
  • The talk of building great bridges, of spanning mighty chasms, and of tunnelling mountains inspired the boy.
  • He was conscientious and he improved on Manguino's spy network, spanning the continent.
  • A construction of wedge-shaped blocks of stone, or of bricks, of a curved outline, and spanning an open space.
  • For as Renwick approached, the men upon the other side succeeded in spanning the abyss, and one of them rushed over.
  • Already the Dyaks had built a bridge, to be used, when the time should at last arrive, for spanning that gap on the trail.
  • Once Sibley and the other American telegraph pioneers had spanned the continent, they began plans for spanning the globe.
  • A rainbow was spanning the Upper Falls, and its brilliant, evanescent promise seemed to reflect in the face above.
  • Als hij u nu nog in spanning hield, dan zou hij niet alleen koel en bedachtzaam zijn."....
  • About eight miles from the Canal a line of redoubts had been built, spanning the gap between protective inundations and barring the way to Kantara.
  • The river Ay has falls in its course two hundred feet high, and a natural bridge spanning it, nearly as remarkable as that of Virginia.
  • They had nearly reached the end where there were some stone steps with a gravel walk above them, leading directly to the house, and a rustic bridge spanning the stream.
  • A mile beyond, all was bright with the colors of sunset, and spanning the canyon in the graceful shape and beautiful hues of the rainbow was a magnificent natural bridge.

Definition of Spanning

present participle of span | The process by which something is spanned.
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