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  • There was no sparkle in his sentiment.
  • The moonlight seemed to sparkle on it.
  • There was no answering sparkle of light.
  • All the sparkle and spangle were gone from the girl.
  • Douglas said this with a sparkle of mischief in his eye.
  • The blue waves dance and sparkle in the sun.
  • Her eyes sparkle a little, she plucks up energy again.
  • Conversation does not ripple and sparkle during these home-comings.
  • His shoulders straightened and the sparkle came into his eyes.
  • The high tide of his spirits was only the sparkle of his excitement.
  • Dinner parties will now lose half the sparkle of their conversation.
  • Soon they were near enough to see the sparkle of water in the bottom.
  • Excitement had flushed his cheek and lent a sparkle to his grey eyes.
  • There was a sparkle in his eyes as he struck out across town after breakfast.
  • The sparkle had gone out of her eyes; her abundant life had departed.
  • And judging by the sparkle in his eyes as he looked away he could see a lot.
  • There was again a sparkle of resolve, perhaps of relief, in his glance.
  • Gold, silver, and precious stones sparkle out from these arms.
  • Scaife came in, cool, handsomer than usual because of the sparkle in his eyes.
  • La Belle murmurs it as her waters dance and sparkle on their way to the sea.
  • No trees; no flowers; no grass; no sparkle of water far or near.
  • How old Nandi's bright eyes would sparkle when his little friend came near.

How To Use Sparkle In A Sentence?

  • Loses the glow from his cheek, the sparkle from his eye, and the purity from his soul.
  • But there was a haughty tilt to her chin and an angry sparkle in her eyes as she, too, arose.
  • In short, he was successful in taking all the fun and sparkle out of the merrie month of May.
  • Very daughter of the sparkle of warm sun on snow, she was the "Heart of the Hills" herself!
  • She received his kiss, and looked at him with her set smile and the set sparkle in her beautiful eyes.
  • He can see through the cant of yesterday with a sparkle in his eyes, but he is less critical of the cant of to-day.
  • There was a sparkle in the clear obscurity of her eyes; and when she turned them on him they seemed to give a new meaning to life.
  • The angry sparkle in the woman's eyes died out, to be replaced with a sudden light of inspiration.
  • He turned around to the expectant group and Beth knew from the sparkle in his eyes what had happened.
  • Nor was it long before a certain sparkle in the brown eyes showed that she was amused by, and appreciative of, the family talk.
  • Maria then saw, for the first time, the white sparkle of a diamond on the third finger of her left hand.
  • Set against it was all that George had given her, the sparkle and dash and color of his ardent pursuit.
  • The sparkle of the sunlight upon the ferrule of a cane, extending over his shoulder, broke in on his agonizing thoughts.
  • Bright banners and pennants flutter down from the copper roofs, and golden half-moons sparkle on every gable-ridge.
  • Thicken up her ankles a little, take some of the sparkle out of her eyes and hair, and you get a woman fit to pull a plow!
  • I select a face in which the eyes are dull from debility, in which there is no sparkle of soul, and beneath are the dark venus-hanging clouds.
  • He took her face in his palms, bending close his handsome head, and a mist dimmed the sparkle in his magnetic eyes.
  • And as suddenly the sparkle died out of her eyes, her mouth drooped, and the colour left her face, pale as ivory in the faint gleam of the stars.

Definition of Sparkle

(intransitive) To emit sparks; to throw off ignited or incandescent particles | (by extension) To shine as if throwing off sparks; to emit flashes of light; to scintillate; to twinkle | (intransitive) To manifest itself by, or as if by, emitting sparks; to glisten; to flash.
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