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  • He beat out the sparks and went on.
  • You might drop the sparks on your coat.
  • Like sparks in burnt-up paper.
  • He continued to knock sparks from the log.
  • Perhaps from sparks left by the six-seventeen freight.
  • The cries continue: sparks burst forth.
  • Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.
  • There was a swirl of ashes and sparks from the big fireplace.
  • Living sparks seemed to leap from them to the eyes of the girl.
  • She was looking down at the chevron of gold sparks on his sleeve.
  • At any moment sparks might fly from it and rekindle the fire.
  • He even fancied for a moment that his eyes gave out sparks of light.
  • I saw a shower of hot sparks soaring upward into a black void.
  • She shook her head, and there were little sparks of light in her eyes.
  • Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.
  • He came within range of some tall, stacks sending out sparks and flames.
  • The arch-Magian says the holy fire gives forth sparks of ill-omen.
  • The sparks in Petronella's eyes matched the sparks in the Admiral's.

How To Use Sparks In A Sentence?

  • Wielding the poker in both hands, he knocked sparks idly from a smoldering log.
  • And he made the sparks fairly tumble over one another, so rapidly did he manipulate the key.
  • If she were stroked two or three times, in the dark, blue sparks came crackling from her fur.
  • No one will ever know, not even little Matyko, who drank the water with three sparks in it.
  • By far the most common case of such emission of light is the emission of sparks from the hair when combed.
  • Under suitable conditions ammonia can be decomposed into nitrogen and hydrogen by passing electric sparks through the gas.
  • As this is a Country of Priests, you shall see ten Sparks of the Band to one of the Sword.
  • In beating out the flames just here, he had failed to extinguish some tiny sparks in a hollow place at the base of the stump.
  • They all three sat without talking, watching the sparks from the fire and the tips of flame that now and then reached above the huts.
  • Rapidly he pressed the key, and the sparks flew between the points of his gap like tiny flashes of horizontal lightning.
  • There were red sparks too, no bigger than fire-flies, and both the cracking noises and the sparks increased.
  • Thus iron wire burning in oxygen throws off a shower of sparks and is brilliantly incandescent, but no flame is seen.
  • A blood mare tore sparks out of the macadam, and a dusty military road began to ribbon out between the wheels.
  • Scarcely had it cleared the track when 56 thundered past, its wheels sending out streams of sparks as the brakes ground against them.
  • When they were all silent, he came in, and every step he made it seemed that sparks of fire were flying out from him.
  • And it roared on, lashing at the wills of those who heard it, beating and stamping them out like sparks of a scattered fire.
  • He moved his switch, pressed his finger on the key, and sent the bright sparks flashing between his gap points.
  • Suddenly, ten yards in the lead down the dark tunnel the horse threw his weight back with a clatter of sparks and screamed as only a horse can.
  • With fascinated gaze the ranger watched the sparks fly under Charley's manipulation of the key.
  • Innumerable torches were now lighted, twenty-four being carried before each pasha; and the sparks of fire from them flew far over the plain.
  • In dry weather, and when the hair also is dry, and especially immediately before thunderstorms, the same sparks are seen in all countries.
  • By his side stood a huge black steed, which ever and again struck the ground impatiently with his hoofs, throwing up sparks of fire.

Definition of Sparks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of spark | (informal) An electrician
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