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  • A spate of words poured from him, but they made no sense.
  • The spate of Sir Richmond's confidences, it was evident, was over.

How To Use Spate In A Sentence?

  • He sprang down into the road, shouting what sounded like a spate of curses in the patois.
  • Conspicuous in his khaki among this spate of Italian gray, stood an English soldier contentedly munching dry brown bread.
  • We dragged the river pools to no purpose, then, as the spate had ruined half our work, gave up the search and duly reported his death at headquarters.
  • There had been an old broad-bottomed craft, used for fording in spate times, on a pool a mile or so up the glen, and the flood had brought it down and thrown it ashore.

Definition of Spate

A river flood; an overflow or inundation. | A sudden rush or increase.
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