Speak The In A Sentence

How To Use Speak The In A Sentence?

  • I am to rise, and speak the epilogue.
  • Yet, speak the truth and shame the devil!
  • Speak the word which lives in you, say that you are mine.
  • Let age speak the truth and give us peace at last!
  • But in a plain record of fact one must speak the truth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Speak The | Speak The Sentence

  • Speak the words again.
  • Speak the plain truth.
  • Thee did not speak the truth.
  • I can only speak the truth.
  • I can speak the truth.
  • Do they all speak the same dialect?
  • Speak the rest of your piece.
  • Ever speak the truth.
  • Do we not speak the same language?
  • Did she speak the words or look them?
  • But he did not speak the words bitterly.
  • But she did not speak the words aloud.
  • Speak the truth, now!
  • Bertric did but speak the truth concerning me.
  • I did but speak the words that were set down for me.
  • Be sure to speak the truth.
  • I speak the plain truth.
  • He asked her to speak the words over and over again.
  • Speak, and speak the truth!
  • Our actions will show that we only speak the truth.
  • O, speak the lie now.
  • Only the older individuals speak the language.
  • It is a pity neither of you can speak the language!
  • Nay; speak the truth!
  • Ruth was there to speak the word that would free him!
  • They speak the language of our passing moods.
  • Speak the truth without fear or favour.
  • The waiters and all the servants speak the language.
  • Both may equally intend to speak the truth.
  • Blest tears that speak the blessing in thy heart.
  • Anyhow, they speak the same sort of language.
  • Even in my room she would not speak the name out loud.
  • He could speak the language like a native.
  • Before she had time to speak the young man was gone.
  • He could scarcely bring himself to speak the words.
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