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  • I am not speaking for myself.
  • Presently she continued as if speaking for herself only.
  • I am speaking for mother!
  • I am speaking for mother.
  • They walked on without speaking for a few paces.
  • They walked on without speaking for a time.
  • We walked on together without speaking for a minute.
  • Mercedes exclaimed, speaking for the first time.
  • They jogged on, neither speaking for many miles.
  • He had meant to do some persuasive speaking for Alston.
  • He stopped speaking for a while, and I did not interrupt.
  • Speaking for myself, I may say my curiosity is satisfied.
  • Still, speaking for myself, I say this.
  • I am speaking for Lady Cranston.
  • You were speaking for C. K., not for yourself....
  • He was speaking for others that with which his soul did not accord.
  • Speaking for himself he did not think it would affect his output.
  • He seems here to be speaking for our reassurance rather than historically.
  • I am speaking for the moment only of the degree to which the testing comes.
  • She ceased speaking, for there was a queer feeling in her throat.
  • There, madam, is some wholesome blunt honest speaking for you.
  • Miss Mehitable saw the struggle and refrained from speaking for a few minutes.
  • I'm speaking for your own good, Randy.
  • LADY MARY (speaking for all three).
  • Speaking for myself, I can say that I have long been deeply interested.
  • But I called to mind that I was speaking for his good, and stuck to my colours.
  • Speaking for myself, I don't complain; I haven't had much to do with it.
  • It is rejected by Waitz-Gerland, speaking for studious science in Europe.

How To Use Speaking For In A Sentence?

  • We are not speaking for ourselves, but for those who can not speak for themselves.
  • You have assigned to me the honorable task of speaking for the contributors to the building fund.
  • He returned the scrutiny without speaking for an instant; then he put out his hand.
  • Every lad was past speaking for another; each lay transfixed with his own personal fear.
  • It seemed to her she heard some other voice, speaking for her, without her real volition.
  • Some of them, indeed, took the opportunity of speaking for themselves; and who had a better right?
  • We looked at one another without speaking, for how could we find words to express our feelings?
  • I say 'strictly speaking'; for the ceremonies remain, waiving the formal religious rite.
  • She ceased speaking for a moment, but Sidney Prale never took his eyes from her face.
  • I did not look up while I was speaking, for had I met an angry glance I should have rebelled.
  • Speaking for the Jews, at least, I know I am safe in inviting such an investigation.
  • Comrade Kristan, speaking for the Slovene workers, emphasised the idea of Yugoslav unity.
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