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How To Use Speaking In A Sentence?

  • Since this was the original speaking telephone, there is some reason for so calling the receiver.
  • I glanced sideways and saw the Mayor of Kinghamstead speaking behind his hand to Parvill.
  • He had passed through the gate when a voice speaking suddenly at his side caused him to start and stop short in his walk.
  • His heart gave a great bound, for it was the first opportunity he had had of seeing and speaking to her alone.
  • Scarcely had the herald finished speaking when two shots resounded, and he fell dead from his horse.
  • In her dress there was no trace of pomp; but was there any need of gems where such speaking eyes flashed and sparkled?
  • Suddenly the lone figure on the beach lifted his hands to his lips, formed into a human speaking trumpet.
  • Gray stood by its side, patting it and speaking to it, finding strange delight in its joyful welcome.
  • It seemed to her that for a moment her father had forgotten his purpose there, and was speaking not for another but for himself....
  • Elinor did not understand that it was Doris he was speaking of and she smiled her acquiescence and went gracefully out on the floor.
  • Her voice was dreamy and cold, the flush had already faded; she seemed not speaking with the slightest consciousness.
  • But when he was no longer in the unaccustomed meshes of refined conversation, but speaking with an audience before him, he became a different man.
  • During the confusion, while Hester was being carried upstairs, the miscreant had the opportunity of speaking to the child.
  • He closed his eyes; his breath came shorter and shorter, and he soon passed away, without speaking again.
  • Harding came behind; I was speaking to him, and he said something which struck me as being very true.
  • But he is speaking of a being as imaginary as the wise man of the Stoics, and whose character varies in different dialogues.
  • She could only hear Teleki, and he was speaking in an unusually excited voice, which rose almost to a scream.
  • As he was speaking horsemen were heard approaching from the other direction, and in a moment Jerry and Billy rode up.
  • I am speaking exclusively of the first impressions generated by President Wilson's call to arms.
  • Plato ridicules the notion that any individuals can corrupt youth to a degree worth speaking of in comparison with the greater influence of public opinion.
  • I had taken up my residence in San Francisco about a year before the time I have just been speaking of.
  • Unless I was excited or speaking to the mind of some particular person in the house, I was apt to lose my feeling of an auditor.
  • They returned through the park, hardly speaking at all, Emily absent-minded as usual, waving her parasol occasionally at a passing butterfly.
  • It is also plain, that in speaking of something we speak of being, for to speak of an abstract something naked and isolated from all being is impossible.
  • Then I became aware that Piegan, watching the ground through half-closed eyelids, was speaking to us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Speaking | Speaking Sentence

  • A number were speaking at once.
  • He was speaking frankly.
  • Vincent was mending one of his speaking dolls.
  • That swell I am speaking of got himself into a mess.
  • I am speaking for Lady Cranston.
  • But is this the man Whom I was speaking of?
  • He himself, Whom I was speaking of!
  • I was the only person who knew that he was speaking the truth.
  • Generally speaking they found it without straining their eyesight.
  • And all for refusing a letter and speaking saucily to a lady.
  • I doubt if Lyn has even a speaking acquaintance with her nearest kin.
  • Addressing the House of Commons is like no other public speaking in the world.
  • But now we're speaking of him, have you seen The lad to-day?
  • But now we're speaking of him, have you seen The lad to-day?

Definition of Speaking

Used in speaking. | Expressive; eloquent. | Involving speaking.
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