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  • He was a kind of specialist in horseflesh.
  • He's a specialist in weapons and survival.
  • I thank heaven there's nothing of the specialist in me.
  • She was a specialist in husbands, an expert in emotional reactions.
  • He is a specialist in defence, and criminals of every shade throng to him.

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  • The hut was the fly in the ointment of the specialist in lunacy and the controller-general.
  • Scattergood saw the valley as he was going to make it, for he was a specialist in valleys.
  • As a general thing, it is unwise for the cross-examiner to attempt to cope with a specialist in his own field of inquiry.
  • Classical order is already present in the vegetable kingdom, otherwise no specialist in botany could classify it.
  • Only the bonnie Robert himself was too much of a specialist in poetry to see that natural science was the very thing he prayed for.
  • Dr. Ku was preeminently a specialist in the human brain; he had implied his will to have that information.
  • Like the doctor, the biologist was a specialist in books no less than in science, and his hobby comprised a field till recent times untilled.
  • That very day he had consulted a specialist in New York, taking his turn in the long line of waiting applicants in the office.
  • The specialist in London seemed another mistake on the part of that managing Lettice, who had quite assumed the family lead of late.
  • He cannot be expected to have on his staff a specialist in ceramics, nor can he, with all his manifold activities, be expected to become such a specialist himself.
  • That is possibly one of the reasons that the teaching profession is such a low-class one, for a teacher is merely a specialist in a world of specialists.
  • A student of the development theory might almost find traces of the growth of the specialist in them, for some of them acquired a fame for the cure of special diseases.
  • The plea of "not a specialist in that line" was not accepted; so after a few weeks devoted to a careful study of the literature the subject was presented.
  • With his many-sided intellect and richly-endowed emotional nature, however, it was impossible for him to be a specialist, and least of all a specialist in mathematics.
  • As a physician, as a specialist in diseases of women I know the causes of your trouble and the most scientific method of curing you quickly.
  • She has very fine horses, rides daily, and one of her most frequent escorts was a Dr. Burbridge, very handsome and a specialist in neurology.
  • He was quite a specialist in such matters as the colour of telegrams in different countries, and in the manner of folding newspapers, points which are sometimes neglected in many better theatres.
  • By-and-by, when they were old enough, the girls might earn their own living if they felt so inclined, and each girl might become a specialist in her way.
  • Indeed I am in some doubt as to whether the large-paper collector should be included here, for his penchant is as far removed from true book-collecting as is that of the specialist in bindings.
  • The parent would never think of arguing with the doctor when he says that Willie has measles; the doctor is a specialist in disease, and the parent is not.
  • They will, step by step, follow the specialist in his work, will learn something, and in six months or a year will thus be able to occupy independent posts.
  • Mr. Welles, not being a talker, had had a great deal of opportunity to study the faces of others, and he had become rather a specialist in expressions.
  • We left him locked within a padded chamber in the house of Doctor Wesselhoff, who was a noted specialist in the treatment of diseases of the brain and nerves.
  • This was the third week of his vacation, one enforced by a nerve specialist in the Austrian capital, and for the first time Davos felt almost cheerful.
  • There is a Major of ours on the train, getting a lift to Havre, who is specialist in pathology, and he has been investigating the bacillus of malignant oedema and of spreading gangrene.
  • The doctor looked surprised, and more so when, after he had examined Valdana, she paid him his fee and took down the address of the best cancer specialist in Paris.
  • Though she will not come with me, I shall have the best specialist in the United States to leave everything and come here and take the cataracts from her eyes.
  • Every woman was by nature a specialist in affairs of this kind, and from what he had already seen of Miss Stevens he believed he could scarcely have selected one better fitted to act in the capacity suggested.
  • These were the only two villas on the Terrace, and they pertained variously to a Paris specialist in madness, and the controller-general of a great French bank.
  • Professor Di Lorenzo, the scientist and specialist in the study of volcanoes, estimated that the smoke from Vesuvius had reached the height of 25,000 feet.
  • He was a specialist in pessimism; had made a translation of Ecclesiastes of which eight copies a year were sold; and followed up the pessimism of Shakespear and Swift with keen interest.
  • Take it to Schuster, 12 Grant Street, Pimlico, and ask him if he knows anything of a man named Bush, a quack specialist in rheumatism.
  • After what the army doctors told him, Dick went to see a specialist in Harley Street, and he must have got a plain warning, for he was depressed and quiet for some time.
  • His musical education was received at the Nancy Conservatoire under Professor Dauphin, and it was his intention to become a specialist in French horn.
  • A background study of Negro college students, by Ambrose Caliver, senior specialist in the education of Negroes, Office of Education.
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