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  • He rebuked me in a paternal way for specializing in German naval news.
  • I am specializing in biology, you know."

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  • Animals are a little like ourselves: they excel in an art only on condition of specializing in it.
  • He was a linguist of rare attainments, specializing in the polyglot of southeastern Europe.
  • A member of the Guild of Amators, a professional entertainer specializing in sexual activities.
  • He was now a private investigator and, with his wife, ran a photography salon specializing in weddings and portrait photos.
  • At Chicago University it is called the Department of Household Administration; sixty women undergraduates are specializing in it.
  • Later he'd replaced "MetroNet" with an underground board called "MegaNet," specializing in IBMs.
  • Middletown was now specializing in radio astronomy at the government's new solar observatory on Turtle Back Mountain in Arizona.
  • When he became a full-time computer professional (specializing in telecommunications programming), he adopted the handle Terminus, meant to indicate that he had "reached the final point of being a proficient hacker."
  • Of course, no intelligent person to-day supposes that, outside of Sir Conan Doyle's interesting novels, detectives seek the baffling criminal by means of analyzing cigar butts, magnifying thumb marks or specializing in the various perfumes in favor among the fair sex, or by any of those complicated, brain fatiguing processes of ratiocination indulged in by our old friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
  • For a long time he was in the schools, specializing in the fundamentals of religion and religious jurisprudence, and making researches into philosophy and metaphysics, logic and history, the contemplative and the narrated sciences.(90)
  • It is to the men of today, above all to those who have been specializing in what may be called the New York "_novel a la mode
  • [Footnote 17: Robert Emmons Rogers, President of the Boston Drama League and Assistant Professor, specializing in modern literature and drama in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was born in Haddonfield, New Jersey, in 1888.
  • "I was broke the night before last, and now I've got three dollars and seventy-five cents, and am specializing in velvet."
  • Dreher, who is an able journalist specializing in economics, has held forth to me on countless occasions about "Prussian _Rechthaberei_"--the unquenchable conviction of the average Teuton that he not only is "right" about everything, but that everybody else whom he permits to have a thought or a word on the same subject is essentially, inherently and incorrigibly "wrong."
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