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  • Chrysalis or -id: applied specifically to the intermedial stage between larva and adult in butterflies: see pupa.
  • Grub: an insect larva: a term loosely applied, but more specifically to larvae of Coleopteran and Hymenoptera.
  • Nevertheless, even here you can get better practice by fixing on some body of readers who might be influenced by an argument on your subject, and addressing yourself specifically to them.
  • The success of it, specifically, to my sense is Eleanor, admirably sustained in the "high-note" way, without a break or a drop.
  • Antliata: insects with a sucking mouth; originally applied to Lepidoptera and Diptera, later and more specifically to Diptera.
  • The term belongs specifically to the first founders of the Christian faith, but is loosely applied in a more general sense to any minister who plants Christianity in a new territory.
  • However, the commander may not take up the matter of denying Y island, specifically, to enemy use until he studies the detailed operations required for the accomplishment of the action involved in his first stage.
  • The writer applies a general saying of Jesus known to us from other sources about destroying and rebuilding the temple specifically to the demolition effected by Titus (70).
  • I understand, by way of Ramsdell, that the Methodist incumbent lately preached a sermon upon resignation, and did me the honour of taking me, quite specifically, to illustrate his climax.
  • In ecclesiastical history the term Reformation has been applied specifically to the important religious movement of the sixteenth century which resulted in the formation of the various Protestant churches of that period.
  • In this dispatch he addressed himself specifically to a consideration of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty, and urged upon the consideration of the British government modifications of such a radical character as to amount to a complete abrogation of the treaty.
  • It is difficult to reply specifically to your inquiries, partly because I do not believe that the exact course of the Administration has been yet determined on, and partly because my knowledge, or rather my inference, of its intentions is derived from intercourse with its members which I am bound to consider confidential.
  • It is also applied generally to the sum of the circumstances in which a person is situated, and more specifically to favourable or prosperous circumstances; thus a person of wealth or birth is described as a person "of condition," or an athlete as being "in condition," i.e. physically fit, having gone through the necessary course of preliminary training.
  • Colonel House desired me to impress upon M. Bourgeois the reasons for this amendment and why it was necessary specifically to mention the Monroe Doctrine, because, without it, it would not be possible to have the Covenant confirmed by the Senate.
  • The last-named, however, which will be familiar to readers of Tennyson, probably alludes specifically to the rock-dove, as it undoubtedly gave its name to Culver Cliff, a prominent landmark in the Isle of Wight, where these birds have at all times been sparingly in evidence.
  • Specifically, to offer mediation during the course of the Presidential election would have been to drive over to Hughes all the pro-Ally elements in America, which in the state of mind of 1916 would have seen in such a proposal only a helping hand extended to a Germany whose cause was otherwise hopeless.
  • Even as to parents, those with infants on their backs are specifically to be excluded."
  • This might be done so as to secure all the Post-office revenue derivable from the letters to and from that quarter of the empire with Great Britain; and not only so, but to draw from the United States unto England some of that postage and some of those passengers which belong specifically to those States.
  • So the answer to your question is that the 'one web' will split up anyway: probably into these 4 components: a) an internal US/Canadian anglophone net, with many of the original characteristics; b) separate national nets, with limited outside links; c) a new global net specifically to link the nets of category 2; d) possibly a specific EU net.
  • It is often used more specifically to mean sweetheart, as "Mary and her gentleman were at the policemen's ball."
  • I would, however, refer more specifically to the 19th Article of the draft, in which it is proposed that in consideration of the discontinuance of all direct interference by this country in the government and control of the natives within the Transvaal, it should be formally declared that your Government will adopt and carry out the assurances which, with their assent and approval, were given to those natives by Her Majesty's Commissioners.
  • Hence I gradually came to the conclusion that either the preachers could not tell me what it was on which I had specifically to lay hold, or it was useless for me to prosecute my attempt to grasp it."
  • There was a building of the church, then, which pertained specifically to its _local
  • The chief members were Basel, Colmar, Mulhouse, Schlestadt, and two dioceses, and it is referred to as the _Basse-Union_ or the Lower Union, the purposes being to guarantee mutually the rights of the contracting parties, to meet for discussion on various questions, and, specifically, to help Mulhouse pay her debts.
  • General Pike gave the permission to fight "in their own fashion" specifically to the First Cherokee Mounted Rifles, who were, for the most part, full-blooded Indians; but he later confessed that, in his treaty negotiations with the tribes, they had generally stipulated that they should, if they fought at all, be allowed to fight as they knew how.[68]
  • [Illustration: CHORAL BOOK, SIENA] Among the books in this later period I will refer specifically to two only, the Hours of Ann of Brittany, and the Grimani Breviary.

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  • The object in this instance is to ensure specifically to B. and A.
  • Here means London, and refers specifically to the Cockney poets.
  • He alluded specifically to Le Ray de Chaumont and Joseph Bonaparte.
  • We now come back more specifically to the _purpose

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