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  • What specious argument!
  • There seemed to be something in this specious advice.
  • This is a precept specious enough, but not always practicable.
  • He was the essence of sympathetic tact as far as his specious exterior went.
  • Such specious pleading will not deceive any intelligent, honest person.
  • This man could see to the bottom, through every specious argument.
  • The devil is seeking, in the most specious manner, to displace the cross.
  • My story, however, invented by Raffles, was sufficiently specious in itself.

How To Use Specious In A Sentence?

  • There is no cruelty which they do not practice upon each other under this specious pretext.
  • It was all only an imperfectly specious substitute for life, only a coarse parody on life.
  • Charlemagne yielded to his specious argument, and Roland and all his followers died.
  • Well, to be brief, the joy as fit occasions rise, I grudge you not, of specious lies.
  • To claim the authorship of this work was too harmless and specious a stratagem not to be readily suggested.
  • But we cannot prove that it was so, nor satisfy those whom probability and a specious hypothesis will not content.
  • At present he dissipates his life in a specious idleness, which neither improves himself nor his friends.
  • Lucien thought them very kind for a time, and later found out the real reason for their specious amiability.
  • Its new diction is specious and clever, but it is a satanic cleverness when its history is weighed in the balance.
  • Presently from these more specious changes, his eye condescended to the many curious objects with which the floor was littered.
  • His voice was a persuasive instrument, upon which he played with a somewhat specious but effective art.
  • Civilized nations will no longer cover the blood of the slain, under the specious idea of defending their rights and liberties.
  • These harpies, knowing what ails the individual, begin sending her their specious and insinuating literature.
  • Analogy, the specious precursor of reason, would suggest the personality of the powers which awed and cheered man.
  • It would make general and genuine appreciation of good music, and put an end to the specious pretences of which we spoke just now.
  • To Newman both alike were of the devil; theological liberalism especially was only specious infidelity.
  • This was as specious as his other moralizing, and he never imagined that he had fallen into a trap set by Copley.
  • But this reason, however specious and imposing at first view, will lose much of its apparent force upon a closer examination.
  • The basest; for nothing can be baser than manly strength, in the specious form of protection, injuring an unhappy woman.
  • The brilliant many-sided man who once held the fortunes of the empire in his hand, the specious philosopher, the unequalled orator is forgotten.
  • His argument was a masterpiece of clever, specious reasoning, well calculated to produce an effect upon uneducated or half-educated jurymen.
  • Is it 'a contrivance of human wisdom,' or of human craft, to obtain money from a nation under specious pretences?
  • He thought, like a poor ignorant fellow as he was, that this mild, specious person could never be one of the band.
  • Having reached this conclusion, Lovell turned over in his mind two or three specious lies that might meet the exigency.
  • He may even feel rather ashamed of himself for having been, as he thinks, taken in by specious promises, like the purchaser of a quack medicine.
  • Having reached this conclusion, Lovell turned over in his mind two or three specious lies that might meet the exigency.
  • The Opposition perceived that, under a cover of many fair words and specious phrases, there was very little substantial concession.
  • The suggestion is specious at least, as the object of their antipathy is the Duke d'Aiguillon.
  • An interval of motley feelings, of specious artifice and contemptible imposture, had elapsed since my meeting with the stranger at Wilmington.
  • The devil chose to act his part in a serpent, because it is a specious creature, has a spotted, dappled skin, and then, went erect.
  • A smooth exterior, a show of virtue, and a specious tale, are, a thousand times, exhibited in human intercourse by craft and subtlety.
  • There was a specious justice in them veneering their cruelty; I am glad to say that I gave utterance to none of them.

Definition of Specious

Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious. | Employing fallacious but deceptively plausible arguments; deceitful. | Having an attractive appearance intended to generate a favorable response; deceptively attractive.
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