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  • From the spectators there burst a cry of horror.
  • Throngs of spectators crowded every avenue.
  • But the spectators knew naught of this byplay.
  • A few hundred pale faced spectators looked on.
  • Some spectators at an open window are laughing heartily.
  • For some moments the four spectators gazed in silence.
  • The spectators leaned forward and looked anxious.
  • The listless spectators stirred and leaned forward.
  • The spectators were a yelling mob of temporary maniacs by this time.
  • In the front row of the spectators sat a man with a parti-coloured tie.
  • Under that Gallery was an Amphitheatre for the Spectators of the second Class.

How To Use Spectators In A Sentence?

  • This was repeated twice and then the spectators settled back, waiting for the start.
  • Then one of them stood up and waved his hand, and the spectators knew that all was well.
  • The three women watched the performance without a word, critical as spectators at a play.
  • The show proceeds successfully, so far as the spectators are concerned, but an accident happens.
  • We are old acquaintances, for you were among the spectators at my disastrous appearance at the castle.
  • The only spectators being admitted to the courtroom seemed to be prominent citizens with enough pull to secure passes.
  • Before the startled spectators could catch their breath, the racers were vanishing from sight up the boulevard.
  • The piazza had been boarded and carpeted all over, and raised seats were erected for the spectators who had obtained tickets.
  • The buzz of conversation among the spectators altered its tone subtly and took on a note of hostility as they entered and seated themselves.
  • Now the artillery thundered forth a welcome; while thousands of spectators hailed the return of the voluntary exile.
  • In this order they passed the fifty-mile mark, and the spectators were standing now, yelling and shouting.
  • This performance consists in throwing shadows of little cardboard figures against a curtain, on the other side of which the spectators are seated.
  • Resisting the impulse to argue the point, he hastily lifted his hat to the spectators and turned into the avenue without a word.
  • When the horrified spectators rushed to the spot, they found the fearless pioneer flier dead beneath the wreck of his machine.
  • Then he squeezed; and the spectators drew their breaths audibly, for it seemed that no man could stand such a strain.
  • She brought in exchange a costume which made us helpless from laughter, until we were painfully sobered by the thought of the spectators outside.
  • The spectators were overjoyed, as on that first occasion when the Montgolfier balloon rose into the skies.
  • But the spectators did not understand the emergency, and the Duke was covered with ridicule for his supposed cowardice.
  • As one, the spectators on the platform stretched their necks to catch the first glimpse of the train bearing its precious cargo of millionaires.
  • Farewells resounded from every rock and promontory, where spectators had crowded to see the last of the Polish hero.
  • The young women, on the arm of their fathers, or in companies together, stood around as spectators and seemed to look on with pleasure.
  • The centre was occupied by the dancers; the spectators moving along under the porticos, a quiet, polite, orderly crowd.
  • The patient gets up, half amazed, pays the doctor ninepence, pockets the tooth, and the spectators are in glee and admiration.
  • The Serbian fire seemed even to tell the spectators on the housetop that the Serbians had lost hope.
  • The spectators look on with deeper interest, and discuss the chances of the liquid being beer, cider, or cold tea, as the scene closes.
  • A large number of two-footed spectators had joined the four-footed ones, and Zamore enjoyed the honour of being applauded by human hands.
  • At least six fights broke out among the spectators within three minutes; the Rangers and court bailiffs were busy restoring order.
  • They had a thousand odd stories and jokes about the events of the day, and burlesque descriptions and mimickings of the spectators who had been admiring them.
  • Hence also that peculiar interest which the pranks of our mischievous relatives excite even in spectators not apt to appreciate the comic features of the spectacle.

Definition of Spectators

plural of spectator
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