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How To Use Speculations In A Sentence?

  • There are circumstances which suggest fantastic speculations to the most learned man.
  • The dramatic imagination, reflections and speculations on the art of the theatre.
  • Yet such speculations did not, at the time, tie up with views about the Colorado trip.
  • This, Jean felt, was a gentle reproof for her own speculations upon the subject.
  • The third collection, the Abidhamma, contains speculations and discussions on various subjects.
  • The speculations of the mystics, Romanist or Protestant, need not be re-examined.
  • The deed, the quick red deed Was done, and all his speculations vanished Like a sound.
  • There were many speculations over the new King of Italy, the Prince Humbert of our day.
  • The editor made it quite plain that these were speculations with which he had nothing whatever to do.
  • A second aspect in which such speculations are too partial is in the unwarranted use which they make of analogy.
  • Then your liability to influence is against you here as much as your attraction towards such high speculations is in your favour.
  • One of his boyish speculations was as to what would become of things if their qualities were taken away.
  • These are certainly the speculations of an idle man, and the more trifling when one considers the moment.
  • The two young people amused themselves by speculations about the varied types of people who passed and repassed them.
  • We cannot concur with these celebrated writers, and we would deduce a far different conclusion from the speculations of necessitarians.
  • Perhaps bold speculations are more acceptable because more new to you than to us, who have been, long since satiated with them.
  • They did not talk much, beyond the commonplace speculations which tragedy always brings to the lips of the bystanders.
  • This, of course, is putting into words the vague speculations and reasonings of a boy not yet fourteen.
  • He would not stop now to exchange with Collingwood speculations about the enemy's course.
  • This learned author employed indeed a widely comparative method, but he saw everything through certain mystic speculations of his own.
  • But there is also something exciting in such speculations and the road to the Villa seemed to me shorter than ever before.
  • The truth is, that the difficulty in question has been increased rather than diminished by the speculations of Leibnitz.
  • Fazl as heretics, and all references to the speculations of Akbar and his friends are couched in bitter and sarcastic terms.
  • And this is a distinction that cannot be obliterated, although it may be obscured, by the speculations of Pantheism.
  • Newton was near forfeiting his Fellowship and the means of prosecuting his speculations because he was not in Holy Orders.
  • There followed a period in which the scientific interest of the physicians was somewhat sidetracked by an unsound connection of these studies with mystic speculations and with clairvoyance.
  • Socrates openly deprecated such speculations and considered all such knowledge comparatively worthless as against ethical knowledge, the knowledge of man.
  • The discovery of the radioactive bodies has, in some sort, rendered popular the speculations of physicists on the phenomena of the disaggregation of matter.
  • Those speculations upon this material world have gradually found their place in the collection of sacred writings, but they are no part of the religious creed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Speculations | Speculations Sentence

  • His speculations were interrupted.
  • Thus his speculations became bolder.
  • My speculations on this head must be only conjectural.
  • But speculations of this kind are rather idle.
  • My fruitless speculations had left me somewhat irritable.
  • Ignoble in her speculations she never is....
  • These are not speculations of fancy, but eternal truth.
  • No answer was given to him and no speculations were entered into.
  • Had not the day now dawned that should set their speculations all at rest?
  • We are satisfied to leave past and future to speculations of idle dreamers.
  • Ireland, Nelson's speculations as to Bonaparte's intentions against, ii.

Definition of Speculations

plural of speculation
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