Speediest in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Speediest

1. At the beginning the speediest vessels only were used for transporting troops. 🔊

How to use Speediest in Sentences?

1. I shall take the speediest steps to undo the matrimonial knot tied in Cartagena. 🔊

2. The new travelling journeyman thanked Felix with tears, and promised the speediest assistance. 🔊

3. Fling me with speediest swiftness from the land, Where nevermore I may converse with men. 🔊

4. But he made an electric car instead of one that was operated by gasolene, and it proved to be the speediest car on the road. 🔊

5. On the whole, it would be rather the speediest way of deciding the vote, to put the selectmen or the mayor and aldermen at the hayscales. 🔊

6. And that was for Tom himself to go down in a spinning nose dive, which is the speediest method by which a plane can descend. 🔊

7. Professional instinct prompts them to feel that the speediest possible cure is the chief desideratum, and of course that object is best attained by lying on the shelf. 🔊

8. He may have adopted this course in his self-assumed character of Dictator, as the surest and speediest means of clearing all obstructions out of his way. 🔊