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  • My dispositions were speedily made.
  • The class speedily adored her.
  • The horses were speedily brought.
  • But speedily another unforeseen complication arose.
  • This was speedily stopped, however.
  • This was sufficient; and the place was speedily cleared.
  • As it was, the little fellow was speedily cured.
  • But Harboro speedily set her at ease.
  • Fortunately he speedily released me from his intolerable presence.
  • Hastily whispering that he should speedily return, he left the room.
  • This she speedily accomplished, destroying the entire battery.
  • It speedily merged with and became identified with the dark girl of Penge.
  • May God speedily restore your health, which often causes me anxiety!
  • Listen, then, Iravati; let me depart hence as speedily as possible.

How To Use Speedily In A Sentence?

  • With imaginative people there very speedily comes a time when that realisation is inevitable.
  • We should, of course, be speedily discovered, and would then retreat to the boats.
  • The old soldier speedily appeared, and his delight was as great as if James had been his son.
  • They had not far to ride, but Frank was evidently anxious to reach home as speedily as possible.
  • They would all very speedily become patients in the very hospitals which they came to serve and would so willingly support.
  • There they were delivered into the hands of one of our companions, who speedily sold them in a distant part of the country.
  • He realized that if help came to the people in peril on the motor boat it must come speedily to be of any avail.
  • I decided to let them stay there, and to get them as speedily as possible into some position in which they might remain.
  • They would all very speedily become patients in the very hospitals which they came to serve, and would so willingly support.
  • The castle on the summit of the cliff was unstormed when he left, but its fall was inevitable unless help should speedily arrive.
  • The appearance of the singular mushroom-bed which speedily sprouted up was extremely picturesque, in keeping with the wildness of guerilla warfare.
  • Neither do the dotterel and the ring-ouzel, the latter in song so mellow, both moving on speedily into the hilly districts.
  • If something is not speedily decided, the hot weather will be on us before our work is over, and this would tell terribly on us all.
  • These announce absolute truths, which, with whatever reverence received, are speedily dragged down into a savage interpretation.
  • He even suggested that she had been really partial to the handsome Oriental, and would speedily become reconciled.
  • Then Lydia, having quite recovered her cheerfulness, went to the door, and speedily was no more seen.
  • A good thought speedily occurred to me, that I could live both these days with her, notwithstanding fate.
  • With all these Pathema was perfectly armed, her value was speedily recognised, and she became an unassuming soldier in the strife.
  • Porter Barkley wished nothing so much as speedily to get away from the scene of his twofold defeat, although he knew that farewell meant dismissal.
  • Captain Eyre speedily turned his guns in that direction, and a few well-directed shells soon drove the Indians from their vantage ground.
  • A cry for "The boats!" was echoed along the shore, and eight or ten were speedily started from their hiding places and dragged down the shingle.
  • These words were received by all with hearty laughter; but only a few days after this meeting the unfortunate friend was seized with a violent illness, to which he speedily succumbed.
  • They speedily became our dearest of friends and possessions, for we had three more of these shafts to slide down, and we grew faint at the bare thought of losing them.
  • Alamoot was speedily recovered, and three years afterwards Banias was once more the seat of a Dai-al-Kebir.
  • He showed off his snakes to the ladies, and concluded by offering to eat the largest one alive before our eyes for a dollar, which price he speedily reduced to a half.
  • As has been stated, these two liquids do not mix readily, but they will eventually mingle unless the action of the cell is sufficient to use up the copper sulphate as speedily as it is dissolved.

Definition of Speedily

In a speedy or fast manner.
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