Speeding In A Sentence

Definition of Speeding

Travelling very fast; moving at speed. | Specifically, travelling at an illegal speed (of vehicles, motorists). | Under the influence of the drug speed; high on amphetamines.

How To Use Speeding In A Sentence?

  • There were some who followed, but the guns of the speeding ships drove them off.
  • When they had come to the end of their cigars they parted, each speeding homeward.
  • That by his act the Germans in their speeding sky-craft were baffled there is no doubt.
  • We could see them gather on the distant hills, and come speeding towards us like banks of fog.
  • However, once in the taxi, speeding toward the railroad station, the reporter scarcely spoke.
  • Not until they were speeding through the fresh, chill air, did Mrs. Talcott speak.
  • The fire was crackling merrily in the drawing-room when she stepped into it again after speeding her departing guests.
  • He was free; and he was speeding northward ho with the paper in his pocket which had seemed impossible of attainment.
  • The last sound of speeding hoofs died away, and the clearing settled once more to its mysterious quiet.
  • He was well up in running the machine and was soon speeding on the trail of his missing chum, as he supposed and hoped.
  • War had been declared; with it the great fleets had come speeding across the sea from one horizon to another.
  • About the most welcome sight to a mystery ship, after a period of inactivity, was the wake of a torpedo speeding in its direction.
  • In a moment more the train was speeding toward Oakdale, where they found the forester in his office.
  • The swift beat of speeding hoofs mingled with the fierce rattle of light wheels, racing over the surface of a hard road.
  • He hastily put his tools away, and in a short time was speeding along again, nothing daunted by the accident.
  • Dave knew in his own mind that the Drifter was each hour speeding farther and farther away from the haunts of men.
  • If the woods should be afire, this would whip the flames furiously, and send them speeding along at a dangerous pace.
  • He arose from his seat and, grasping the side of the speeding craft with his left hand for support, stood to his full height.
  • He did not make any reply; but as we were speeding on our way that afternoon in the cars, he came to my side and handed me a small roll of bills.
  • He hurried aboard and was soon speeding through the open country, with now and again a glimpse of the sea, as the train came closer to the beach.
  • Accordingly a few minutes later the doctor and Mary were speeding along through the town which they soon left far behind them.
  • The rickshaw turned to the right, following the other, which occupied the center of the almost deserted bund, and speeding like the wind.
  • They wandered delightedly about from one trolley to another until they found an automobile garage, and soon were speeding back to Philadelphia.
  • The sun came out, the roads dried up, and one pleasant morning saw the outdoor girls again in the car, speeding onward.
  • Under the streamlined plane's speeding body the gnarled, bomb-torn terrain of Nevada hurtled by.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Speeding | Speeding Sentence

  • By this time they were speeding fast.
  • Two horsemen were speeding down the longer slope.
  • In another moment the pebble will be speeding on its way.
  • We stood looking over into the foaming, speeding water.
  • This work of ours is speeding to its consummation and loiters not.
  • Below in the canon clattered the hoofs of the speeding horse.
  • In another moment she was speeding in the opposite direction.
  • They entered the boat and were soon speeding over the water at a rapid rate.
  • There was a clatter and rattle of speeding hoofs, which rapidly died out.
  • An automobile, speeding up the road, had stopped at the gate.
  • And here it was, still uncurbed, speeding her forward into fields of romance.
  • O'er the waving steppes Speeding like the quail.
  • An hour later the party was speeding along in the direction of Lexington.
  • Within an hour Val was in the Brussels express speeding for that dear sight.
  • Say, is he speeding on his way, Or doth he linger, drinking wine?
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