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Definition of Speedway

speedway (countable and uncountable, plural speedways) | (uncountable) A form of motorcycle racing on dirt tracks using motorcycles with neither brakes nor gears. | A racetrack venue designated especially for the sport of auto racing.

How To Use Speedway In A Sentence?

  • It is a fine thing when a young man, born to travel the speedway of luxury, voluntarily leaves it to hew out a pathway for himself through life.
  • Now, as Tom Corbett rode in comfort along a speedway bordering one of the ancient canals, he approached the city with a vague feeling of awe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Speedway | Speedway Sentence

  • The south side of Speedway rapidly assumed the appearance of an armed camp.
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Speedway in a sentence

Speedway sentence

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