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  • Loyalty won and she turned and spewed fire towards home.
  • UUCP nodes spewed data like fire hoses.
  • Fountains of bricks, mortar, and dirt were spewed up into the air.
  • In cooling, the moon spewed this new alloy out upon its surface.

How To Use Spewed In A Sentence?

  • A swath of tacks spewed into the bow of the nearest vinta bringing a chorus of pirate yells.
  • A sudden upheaval of the monstrous mass spewed forth an object that bounced a moment on the rippling surface and then was lost to view.
  • Both the boys went pale like ghosts and spewed their bellies empty from weakness and loss of blood....
  • Momentarily, a great whoosh was heard and dust and rock spewed all about the area and towards the cells, to where Lloyd and Boyce watched.
  • It has sent us some grand histories, poems, and pure novels, but they are few in number compared with the nastiness that it has spewed out upon our shore.

Definition of Spewed

simple past tense and past participle of spew
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