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How To Use Spies In A Sentence?

  • Was it not the espionage, the network of spies with which he surrounded his lands?
  • The school was honeycombed with holy spies who imputed it merit to report the laxity of others.
  • Oh, do not trouble as to how I know it, who have many spies here, as he guessed well enough.
  • She's watching the spies in Delhi, but they're likely to break for the 'Hills' any minute.
  • Often most valuable clues can be picked up by spies who get beneath windows and peer in at the corners at critical times.
  • Akbar not only knows of our undertaking from the beginning, but his spies have informed him of all the changes that have taken place in our plans.
  • But even there, so many servants as any man has, so many spies and irreconcilable domestic enemies.
  • You are spies or thieves, who would profit by getting into people's houses at unseasonable hours.
  • Some of the spies assert that two o'clock on Friday night is the hour fixed for our destruction.
  • On November 9 spies were sent out in different directions with a view to getting fuller information.
  • I sent some spies ahead to look over the country, and a messenger came back from them, saying that they had seen some animals.
  • There are extraordinary rumors coming in about spies around Frederick, and there seems to be an organized gang.
  • The Goroko manoeuvre had not deceived them in the least, since from their spies they knew its exact significance.
  • How Lucius sent certain spies in a bushment for to have taken his knights being prisoners, and how they were letted.
  • And whenever they stopped they sent scouts and spies ahead to look out for the next stopping-place, so that they might go ahead safely.
  • The Indians had spies out viewing our movements, and were greatly alarmed with our increase in number and fortifications.
  • About 20,000 German spies and reservists are in detention camps on the west coast, and on the islands.
  • They had their spies and emissaries in every town, village, and osteria, to give them notice of the quality and movements of travellers.
  • Johnny presently spies a rainbow on a cloud in the east, and, after uttering an exclamation of delight, asks his mother what made the rainbow.
  • With so many spies about, it was almost inevitable that the active part that the young councillor was playing would become known to Government.
  • When the time arrived for the commencement of the war, the wren King sent out spies to see who was appointed commander-in-chief of the enemy.
  • It is only just to add that whilst singing the praises of the Protector, he was in full communication with the spies and agents of Charles.
  • So now you know all I choose to tell you, and whether you are merchants or spies in disguise, I care not.
  • Extirpate them, ye good sons of India, wherever you find them, without mercy, and with them their spies and secret agents.
  • Not a soul in the whole town had learned his name, and the hotel at which he had slept the night before was in vain attacked by spies on every errand.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Spies | Spies Sentence

  • They may be his spies for all we can tell.
  • They set their spies on us.
  • Government spies had no means of knowing their names.
  • His spies were legion, who ferreted out everything.
  • Any touchy planets our spies report, we divert the files.
  • He spies on everything I do.
  • The English are sending their spies everywhere.
  • Sending of spies to Canada (Koenig).
  • This I do know: the Count has many spies in Edelweiss.
  • One of the spies caught on the ships is said to have been shot.
  • Though we have taken every precaution, there may be spies unseen by us.
  • Do you know there are thousands of German spies in this country?
  • There was news from Orren's spies in the north.
  • With their assistance German agents and German spies were landed in Ireland.
  • But whisper mysteriously in your friend's ear, and spies will attend you!

Definition of Spies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of spy | plural of spy
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