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  • The golden spike was set.
  • Placed on a spike above some town-gate?
  • Not a single spike or bolt was driven on the job.
  • Another consideration influenced Spike to persevere.
  • That's how they spike my guns.
  • Now here are two other things that a spike in a tree will do.
  • Now all this fuss about driving the last spike was of no importance to him.
  • Bob scratched thoughtfully at the turf with a spike of his boot.
  • So there's a vacant spike now for mine.
  • The plan was to spike up the enemy's artillery.
  • The exact form of the spike and ferrule are represented in the diagram.
  • He'll just have to bite his teeth on a spike and hang on.
  • Lying in the trail were a spike and an old bull with a broken antler.
  • There were fresh spike holes in some of the others; just one here and there.
  • Flowers bent downward in a long spike bearing many flowerets.
  • A spike on the chain was stuck into the wall, which was composed of logs.
  • Both believed that they might follow wherever Spike dared to lead.
  • But Spike neglected no precaution that experience or skill could suggest.
  • Biddy arose from her knees, just as Spike withdrew his eyes from his pursuers.
  • Mr. Spike turned away to referee a pool game down in the barroom.
  • He was a fine two year old buck, with spike horns, and in excellent condition.

How To Use Spike In A Sentence?

  • The dome is covered with lead and on the spike that crowns it is a gilt crescent.
  • Not since you plugged that spike boot of yours down on his foot there on the depot platform.
  • Even he thrust a spike or bolt here or there upright in the ground to catch a blade.
  • It is the indent of the spike in the anvil on which the ball of metal was laid when being struck.
  • Spalding was a proud man as he returned to us with a fine fat spike buck in his boat.
  • Steve watched them drive home the last spike and heard their hoarse effort at a cheer.
  • The spike still passed through the middle of his brain, but he had sheathed his sword.
  • Upon a post near by was an old marlin spike with something white fluttering beneath.
  • All carried toy hatchets with a spike on one end built to resemble the pictures of alpenstocks.
  • And even that spike antler was not without its advantages, as he learned a little later.
  • It is an excellent tool to use alternately with a spike or coulter-toothed harrow on lumpy soil.
  • The spike should be sharp, so as easily to enter the ground and feel for a lost hole.
  • A ball of fire falls on the lead of the roof, and the sky tears apart on a spike of flame.
  • Rick took it from Scotty and made it fast around a spike they had driven earlier.
  • When this was done, a pole was cut, and to the end of the pole a long iron spike was fastened.
  • But the fell designs of Spike extended to them, as well as to those whom he had already destroyed.
  • Two or three held out their arms, and shouted to Spike to return and pick them up.
  • The spike and cutting edge together answer to the double occludent margin of the tergum in Lepas.
  • The bush seemed to swarm with them, and I have watched them frequently take and spike insects.

Definition of Spike

To fasten with spikes, or long, large nails. | To set or furnish with spikes. | To fix on a spike.
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