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  • The spinning and weaving were over now.
  • One boy was spinning a top.
  • In this form it arrives at the spinning mills.
  • At spinning time, even this will not be enough.
  • Stafford goes away spinning along the bulk-head.
  • Dad broke into a run, safe on his feet as a spinning top.
  • The coarsest spinning is done in Venetia.
  • She had seen Roderick spinning round with his cousin.
  • The finest spinning in Italy is done in Turin.
  • The two first originated the principle of spinning by rollers.

How To Use Spinning In A Sentence?

  • She brought out another one, and let me have it after spinning a few yards upon it.
  • Dick took the wheel, and they were soon spinning rapidly through the quiet streets of the town.
  • That meant he was going downward head first, and at the same time spinning around like a top.
  • She sat by the door spinning when I arrived, and it seemed to me that she blushed.
  • Let A and B represent respectively the industrial operations of spinning and manufacturing.
  • Weaving continued to be performed in cottages or in hand-loom sheds where no spinning at all was attempted.
  • It was therefore found best to saddle the weaver with full responsibility for both the spinning and weaving.
  • The two coins went spinning in the air and each lad caught his own as it descended and covered it with his hand.
  • It appears that as the native industries decline the weaving section persists longer than the spinning section.
  • Little by little the movement became faster and faster until they were spinning around like a pinwheel in a brisk breeze.
  • French twinners have a stationary creel, and the spindles move in and out with the carriage, as in the spinning mule.
  • This characteristic is of great economic importance, the natural twist facilitating the operation of spinning the fibres into thread or yarn.
  • That mood, owing to the spinning traffic and the evening veil of unreality, was ill-adapted to her home surroundings.
  • Her pose was easy, and she seemed to give effect to a mood of quiet speculation by the spinning of her ruby ring upon the polished table.
  • You have seen a top, how stiff and erect it is when it is spinning fast, and how it wobbles when it is spinning slow, just before it falls.
  • He swayed a little, then suddenly broke into a run whose speed kept him from falling and preserved his balance like a spinning top.
  • And that was for Tom himself to go down in a spinning nose dive, which is the speediest method by which a plane can descend.
  • The former resemble throstle and ring spinning machines, but since they do not attenuate the material, only one line of rollers is provided.
  • The next instant I found myself spinning through the air, and then plunging deep down into the bosom of the tranquil sea.
  • There are nearly 100 cotton spinning and weaving mills, employing over 100,000 operatives, congregated mostly in the northern suburbs of the city.
  • Another feature of American spinning as compared with English is the high proportion of ring-frames to mules.
  • Weaving and spinning had been to a large extent united in the industry in its earliest form, in that both were frequently conducted beneath the same roof.
  • That monotonous drowsy hum of the Spinning song is exactly what is needed to put one in the mood for sympathising with Senta and her dreams.
  • Soon after the introduction of spinning by rollers, English all-cottons began to rival the Indian in quality as well as in cost.
  • The forester, after telephoning to his office, followed Charley, and a moment later the two were spinning up the road toward the fire trail.
  • The second step was the power-loom, the initial effort to design which was created by the tardiness of weaving as contrasted with the rapidity of spinning by power.
  • In doing so, politicians will relieve themselves of the responsibility for hyping or spinning their decisions and instead use their time with the public to engage them in the evolution of the legislative process.
  • Not so Scanlan, who took his seat once more on his lofty "buggy," and was soon spinning along the road at a pace of full twelve miles the hour.
  • As a result, we are suffering through a potentially irreversible environmental crisis, as well as a geopolitical conflict that is already spinning wildly out of control.
  • The general export of yarn varies according to influences such as tariff charges, spinning and manufacturing development in the importing countries and the price of cotton.

Definition of Spinning

Rapidly rotating on an axis; whirling. | present participle of spin | The motion of something that spins.
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