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  • It was spiritually acrobatic.
  • The age was spiritually dead.
  • Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned.
  • Unless you are spiritually dead, it means warfare.
  • Are not some spiritually deaf, dumb, and blind from birth?
  • Let us become spiritually a perfect temple to God.
  • It seemed to go mad, of course I mean spiritually mad.
  • That brother Craik is more spiritually minded than I am.
  • He lives spiritually as he pleases; his spirit is selfish and lawless.
  • Babylon is spiritually fallen, and God is calling his people out.
  • Till then he is blind--morally and spiritually blind.

How To Use Spiritually In A Sentence?

  • The soul which has no correspondence with the spiritual environment is spiritually dead.
  • But mentally and spiritually the mighty elemental upheaval was wholly crushing and uplifting.
  • He that is spiritually enlightened truly apprehends and sees it, or has a sense of it.
  • Physically and spiritually unable to keep still another second, she suddenly sat up.
  • Well, then, the rule is the same with us, not to yield because some have spiritually died.
  • I felt that England was at least spiritually guarded against these surrounding nationalities.
  • These less evolved spiritually possessed coarser, heavier, less mobile bodily structures.
  • Their believing in Christ, and spiritually seeing him, are spoken of as running parallel.
  • Catholic writers also declare Luther spiritually unfit for translating the Bible.
  • Intellectually I may make mistakes in deduction, but spiritually I cannot but find God.
  • We pity those who have not their natural sight; but how you should pity yourself if you are spiritually blind.
  • When they thus mingle with the world and unite in its pursuits they may spiritually be styled adulterers.
  • We are invited to occupy ourselves only with spiritual cash, because the universe is spiritually insolvent.
  • It is impossible to do more than refer to the many times the spiritually minded were implored to seek this protection.
  • His reign was intellectually and spiritually a gloomy calm between two wonderful periods of agitation.
  • This evidence that they that are spiritually enlightened have of the truth of the things of religion is a kind of intuitive and immediate evidence.
  • Physically there was no doubt that he would continue to exist without her, spiritually he did not see how existence was possible on the same terms.
  • He was trying with all his might, she perceived, he was spiritually fumbling over the effort to feel and to think what she expected of him.
  • Granting the woman to be, on the whole, the more spiritually minded, it is still true that each sex needs the other.
  • She had a half-nourished, spiritually and bodily, expression, which did not belie the true state of affairs with her.
  • She can neither be as gaily sensual, nor as spiritually free as man; her state is always a mixture of the sensual and spiritual.
  • His act had recoiled upon himself, for when Gortre found him in the chambers he was spiritually dying.
  • So long as we are blind to our powers, responsibilities, relations, we can hardly be said to be spiritually awake.
  • Just as we develop our muscles by exercising our bodies, so do we grow strong mentally and spiritually by this "stretching" process.
  • I subordinate to my interests spiritually the stupid, conservative, characterless lower middle-class, just as it is subjected to me materially.
  • The inspiration of the prophets, spiritually mighty and convincing, is needed, and they come to the world to give a new impulse to spiritual truth.
  • Finally, at a definite time, it begins to nourish itself spiritually by consuming its own etheric body; it actually lives upon the etheric body.
  • He is a glutton, or a wine-bibber, or he drinks whiskey, or he lives bodily not only, but morally and spiritually on the line of self-indulgence.
  • The most serious obstacle to the religious education of boys is that most of them are half-orphans; intellectually and spiritually they have no fathers.

Definition of Spiritually

In a manner affecting or pertaining to the spirit or soul.
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