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  • What a little spitfire it is!
  • She was a spitfire and she couldn't dance.
  • If Old Spitfire keeps on the way she has to-day I shan't need much more.

How To Use Spitfire In A Sentence?

  • But when he saw Spitfire chewing him he uttered a shrill scream and fell sidewise off his horse.
  • There were just two things Spitfire could do: she could spring at me and have trouble, or she could jump over the pedestal and have no trouble.
  • To go on with Spitfire in rebellion would never do, for the spirit of mischief spreads among lions and tigers exactly as it spreads among children.

Definition of Spitfire

A cannon | A person with a fiery temper, someone easily provoked to anger, especially a woman or girl.[1801]
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