Splashing In A Sentence

Definition of Splashing

present participle of splash | An action that splashes.

How To Use Splashing In A Sentence?

  • Reckon he was as surprised as we were when the bunch of us came splashing in on top of him.
  • While she was washing a great thing came tumbling and splashing down the stream.
  • Then he closed his eyes to block but the sight of rain splashing on the window.
  • Then they came on again and he could plainly hear the dogs splashing noisily about in the swamp.
  • It was probably the splashing of the water, as it ran down the gullies at the side of the road.
  • As he stood at the window, Bradby came splashing up the road in mackintosh and heavy boots.
  • Finally, the Captain laid down his hoe, and came splashing over to where his friend was standing.
  • Immediately the light appeared, both trouts and eels were splashing about the lantern in great quantities.
  • But all was still, except the howling of the wind and the pattering and splashing of the driving rain.
  • This ye must do in a most careful manner, that the guard be not disturbed by the noise of splashing water.
  • Then we dipped into a ravine, reeling down the slope and splashing through caked mire where a little water had been.
  • And if they looked out at the open side, there smiled the garden with its flowers and statues and splashing fountains and columns.
  • Then, propelling it gently and without any splashing of the water, he continued to move down the stream.
  • There was not a shadow on the bright, breeze-ruffled mill-pond whereon the ducks were splashing and quacking noisily.
  • There was the salt smell of the marshes in the air, and the hissing and splashing of the surf on the outer beach were plainly to be heard.
  • After a quarter of an hour of twisting and splashing and turning, the coolies stopped in front of a shop of clay-blue stone.
  • If you can manage to keep both your feet splashing on top of the water and both hands going, you can swim several hundred yards.
  • Mr. Saunders opened it again and gazed vindictively after the bulky figure splashing through the slush.
  • At that moment the boat careened, a splashing of the pipes in the water and down, down, down she went out of sight.
  • But, to the overstrained imagination, the bubbling and splashing sound that came out of the darkness was magnified into the rush of a torrent.
  • His furious fever drove him on, talking to himself, and splashing recklessly into the pools of rain-water standing in the road.
  • The first wave tripped over the bar and whirled beneath him, sending the dory high into the air and splashing its occupant with spray.
  • The fountains were tossing and splashing sunlight, the shadow of the Obelisk was travelling across the pavement.
  • In their bathing suits and with Nora on the bank to watch them, the children were soon splashing in the cool water.
  • Trouble did the same, splashing about in his bare feet until he saw a little crawfish, darting from one stone to another under water to hide away.
  • The turtle, finding that it could no longer swim, had come to the top of the water and was splashing about, trying to get loose.
  • Chubikoff and Dukovski strode behind her through the long grass, as the odor of wild hemp and dishwater splashing under their feet reached them.
  • After three hours of splashing through four feet of water we reached dry land, and had traversed the swamp of Makata.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Splashing | Splashing Sentence

  • She heard a splashing sound and a ripple.
  • Others were splashing in the marble swimming tank.
  • I can get out with a niblick by splashing myself a bit.
  • I seem to see the consomme splashing about his ankles.
  • A fish near by leaped from the water, splashing loudly.
  • There was no sound but the splashing of rain against the windows.
  • There was a fountain in the center splashing in the midst of flowers.
  • And so it was, the big drops pelting down and splashing on the windows.
  • A cry interrupted him, succeeded by a loud splashing of oars.
  • With a splashing noise two boys came wading across the brook.
  • You can hear them a little way on, trampling and splashing in the shallows.
  • Another plunge, a splashing run, and they were on the hard sand of the beach.

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