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  • They are a dream of splendour not to be forgotten.
  • And as a boon we hail the splendour from on high.
  • Seest thou that house with golden splendour flush?
  • In all the splendour Fortune can bestow?
  • And Day itself drink splendour from these eyes.
  • Like Atar, the Angel of Fire, your splendour glitters afar.
  • The pomp and the splendour are too much for the poor fellow.
  • Yet with all its splendour of traceried arch it is a comfortless place.
  • But let us not be dazzled and blinded by the splendour of their achievements.
  • Of splendour there is none anywhere, and of cleanliness there are few traces.
  • A scene of terrible splendour met the gaze of the doomed leader.
  • The sun is born in obscurity, and rises to a height of splendour at midday.
  • We walked out, and dwelt in silent admiration upon the splendour of the scene.
  • Into the night, and on, The strength and splendour of our purpose swings.
  • Ah, may his splendour never die, May it live on eternally!
  • We are children of splendour and flame, Of shuddering, also, and tears.
  • Let dazzling stones in splendour glare; Utility's the gem for wear.

How To Use Splendour In A Sentence?

  • You must have been a peasant among peasants to keep the splendour of it in your eye.
  • Dublin is a splendid city, but its splendour is that of chiselled marble rather than real life.
  • Xerxes left Sardis with the host amidst the same splendour with which he had entered.
  • So defined, she was seen, with all her splendour of association, as incidental.
  • Each vied with each in the splendour of the scarlet, purple, and gold upon stern and foreship.
  • The splendour of the East, if it exists at all, is not to be seen in the bazars.
  • Within your magic web of hair lies furled The fire and splendour of the ancient world.
  • The ArchBishop had indeed come to this formality, clothed in a splendour never before seen.
  • In looking back she saw that the festival of her life was an affair of tinselled splendour and glittering dust.
  • They drive through the sky with splendour and with mighty music, and bring rain to the parched earth.
  • The redness of his face is like the splendour of the sky; and the spotted skin that he wears is an image of the starry firmament.
  • He sat in thought, not noticing the splendour around him, nor the lovely view over the smiling gardens.
  • Do you not prefer the busy world to the chirping of birds, and the splendour of a court to the rude aspect of an uncultivated desert?
  • And so it was that at noon he rode in pomp and splendour through the city gates, attended by his staff and a rather overpowering body-guard.
  • In the face of Time's grey godhead shook the splendour of her spear.
  • For the first time, the full splendour of the dream, the full squalor of the reality, swept down upon her.
  • For the good of the service, it is necessary to surround certain offices with splendour and dignity, as a means of attracting men of merit to them.
  • And nothing could exceed the splendour of his court and palace at Ctesiphon, nor the extent of his wealth and riches.
  • The development of architectural splendour everywhere is really a sight worth coming to see, even from Italy.
  • Then marching, ten abreast, one hundred thousand lanterns to assist the sun, partially eclipsed by the splendour of the procession.
  • Let blindness veil the sunlight from mine eyes, I'll chant the splendour of the sunlit skies!
  • After the Prince came a score or more of rich equipages filled with the beauty, the nobility, the splendour of this rich little court.
  • The rule that as religion grows in outward splendour it also gains in inward strength and spirituality is strikingly exemplified in the case before us.

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British spelling standard spelling of splendor.
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