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  • Canoes were splintered and sunk.
  • The blade splintered on the gunwale.
  • An empire of splintered cliff!
  • Some had splintered arms and legs.
  • And again the axe splintered and flew.
  • The woodwork was splintered and shattered.
  • You will find the shutters splintered at the bottom.
  • The light shook and splintered in the puddles.
  • And splintered to little scattered lights.
  • Trees have been splintered worse than any storm could do.
  • The floor was mass on mass of splintered rock.
  • There was a blasting twang and the door splintered apart.
  • Both are splintered and fissured; one is broken in twain.
  • But they were splintered and the rush seat was broken through.
  • Some of it was splintered by the fall when yoked slaves tossed it in.
  • The chair of the bootblack had been splintered into kindling wood.
  • There was a crackle as the wooden guide fence splintered under the wheels.
  • His third had splintered his second javelin as it hung quivering.
  • Then another man mounted the ladder with a splintered fragment in his hand.
  • Then he fell furiously upon the case with a hammer and splintered the lid.
  • Half a dozen small splintered holes on each side of the keel confronted them.
  • In the same instant a rifle slug splintered wood on the cabin roof overhead.
  • There was a crash of splintered redwood, and my axe clove a chair.

How To Use Splintered In A Sentence?

  • And broken glass with splintered fastenings was all that remained of the once perfect glazing.
  • Somebody had set her on a table amid the silver and flowers and splintered crystal.
  • Here and there black filigrees of shade shrank to the bases of splintered ledges.
  • Stingaree sought to prop himself upon the elbow of the splintered wrist and hand.
  • The boats themselves were splintered and hacked as though heavy hatches had beaten them.
  • All at once the splintered end of a car assumed shape in the obscurity ahead of him.
  • Something black washed to and fro beside a splintered gaff and a tangle of halliards.
  • A mass of splintered rock rolled down the mountain-side and threatened to crush him.
  • It should have splintered in his hands, assuming he was strong enough to bend it at all.
  • The big building had been literally poured out into the street in a stream of splintered wood.
  • They then proceeded to operate, and in a few minutes removed a portion of splintered bone.
  • Above them stretched the glistening snow-fields, pierced by crags of splintered granite.
  • They struck and splintered against the walls, dropping from them in great gouts of molten flame.
  • A splintered fissure held delicate fucoid impressions in fine script full of meaning.
  • The next moment the sounding-yawl swept aft to the wheel and was struck and splintered to atoms.
  • Sometimes a bullet struck one of the mirrors, and the splintered glass blinded the sentry.
  • The bridge was blocked, covered with a mass of wet leafy branches and splintered wood.

Definition of Splintered

simple past tense and past participle of splinter
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