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How To Use Splurge In A Sentence?

  • She told her things and things in the irresistible splurge of the silly girl whose mind is full of adolescent impurity.
  • They are making quite a splurge in the way of balls and liveried servants, and motor cars, and the town is agog with it all.
  • Indiana, for example, is a State that has made a great splurge over being in the front rank of modern penological improvements.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Splurge | Splurge Sentence

  • No little piker splurge they can buy up!

Definition of Splurge

(transitive, intransitive, informal) To (cause to) gush; to flow or move in a rush. | (colloquial) To spend lavishly or extravagantly, especially money. [from 1911] | To produce an extravagant or ostentatious display.
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