Spluttering In A Sentence

Definition of Spluttering

present participle of splutter | The act of one who splutters.

How To Use Spluttering In A Sentence?

  • The atmosphere was constantly spluttering messages of all kinds coming from all kinds of places.
  • He came up spluttering to see Martha laughing at him from the edge of the raft.
  • And the dirty, spluttering little devil roared my story to all that greedy, listening crowd!
  • Then cautiously add 2 tablespoonfuls of boiling water, taking care not to be scalded by the spluttering sugar.
  • The little party were all assembled to-night around the low fire, which was burning and spluttering away most cheerfully.
  • To his intense disgust, he found his soul back in his body again, and that body spluttering and choking in deep water.
  • The sudden joy of her presence made the red-faced spluttering man in front of him of no account, and anger against him not worth holding.
  • Suddenly it began to rise, spluttering and sending out huge volumes of steam, causing a general scattering of our company.
  • He was spluttering a little after his involuntary dive, and he wanted to get back as soon as possible, and so wasted no breath in words.
  • The candles, which had been burning now for several hours, had, unnoticed by all, been gradually guttering and spluttering out.
  • Hare-Lip followed, still spluttering and spitting his tale of the white devils' doings.
  • We breakfasted in the large dining hall, and it was pleasant to see the enormous logs, and to hear the crackling and spluttering of a big fire.
  • He struck one; it ignited with a spluttering noise which seemed to him to resemble the explosion of a dynamite cartridge, fizzled, then went out.
  • Inside of it was little Sinala, spluttering out water, but very evidently alive and unhurt, for presently he set up a yell.
  • A spluttering candle showed the one occupant, a man, down on his knees and blowing lustily into the fire-box of a smoky Yukon stove.
  • For a moment he disappeared, then he rose spluttering and choking, sank again, found his footing, and stood up, roaring like a flabbergasted bull.
  • The combined stares of all parties, including the enigmatic glance of Eemakh, calmed the spluttering Voorhis.
  • Forming line they moved through it with shrill yells, the blare of horns, the beating of tom-toms and a spluttering fire of blank cartridges from old muskets.
  • So the petrels called to the mollys: but they were so busy and greedy, gobbling and pecking and spluttering and fighting over the blubber, that they did not take the least notice.
  • You never heard such a popping and fizzing and spluttering and banging, and you never could imagine such a flashing and flaming and wriggling of dangerous materials as that blue star-ball started.
  • Here it seemed more black than ever, for the spluttering torches, which cast a dim light on the raised road itself, left the neighbouring houses in an impenetrable gloom.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Spluttering | Spluttering Sentence

  • She was spluttering with rage.
  • Neal could hear its spluttering and scratching.
  • O, what a splashing and spluttering she made!
  • To his ears came the sound of snapping spluttering flames.
  • The Lubber advanced, spluttering with rage.
  • For whom or for what will our squibs be spluttering a few years hence?
  • After spluttering 15 about a short time, it dived again.
  • Choking and spluttering Yoemon groped his way through the rooms into the rear.

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