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  • And that makes the thousand pounds of which we spoke once a quite insignificant sum.
  • Patricia had been silent, but she spoke slowly and with a light breaking on her face.
  • Her voice was in tone satirical, and she spoke like one accustomed to be obeyed.
  • It was only one word that she said when she spoke that last time, and it told of her longing.
  • He listened intently, but no sound came to his ear that spoke of a living presence.
  • He spoke hurriedly, clearing his throat before he could articulate the words properly.
  • He spoke without emphasis, his words seeming to drop from the thick obsession of his dream.
  • Every word she spoke seemed to cost the pale, fragile lady superhuman exertion.
  • Ben Jolly spoke the words with a grim conviction that had its effect upon his friends.
  • He spoke of my late uncle with the greatest irreverence, which I could easily forgive.
  • And Millicent was very much astonished that I spoke so little of the performance itself.
  • Before he spoke I spoke, but I gasped so wildly that my words are not in my power to recall.
  • His face was glum, however, and when he spoke of being "fired" Randy knew that something was up.
  • Davidson thought she had not heard him even, when with an unchanged expression she spoke under her breath.
  • He looked as he spoke so divinely happy that it is so the angels must appear in their everlasting spring.
  • Day by day her conversation turned more and more on tennis-parties, and she even spoke about a ball.
  • She spoke something of a black man whom she had met about twilight, hewing at the root of a tall tree.
  • On that height, alone with the sky, they spoke to each other as if the earth had fallen away from under their feet.
  • He told me that I must not mistake his silence if he spoke not to me nor noticed me when he was amidst his pupils.
  • She gave a heavy sigh to his memory, as she was accustomed to do, whenever she spoke of him in company; and went on adjusting her nightdress.
  • She spoke to him as frankly as though that miserable mortal envelope, emptied of everything but hopeless passion, were indeed the son of a duke.
  • We may safely suppose there was very little heart left in her famous laugh when Bamtz spoke first to her in some low cafe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Spoke | Spoke Sentence

  • He spoke with feeling.
  • Neither spoke again for some time.
  • He spoke as if in sleep.
  • No one spoke for a moment.
  • She spoke to me to-day.
  • The first time he spoke to her was on the doorstep.
  • The man he spoke to was both worried and in pain.
  • Every thing around spoke mournfully of her.
  • Gray was about to ride on, when the man spoke again.
  • As he spoke the man opened his eyes and gazed up at them.
  • Mr. B. also spoke along the same lines.
  • Do you remember how we spoke of the river with its many boats and steamers?
  • She spoke with authority in her deep fascinating, unemotional voice.
  • He's the last man who spoke to the master. . .
  • I sat down by his bed-side, and watched him, but he never spoke again.
  • There was silence between them for a while; then Gray spoke again.
  • M'Pherson rose as he spoke and went to the door to open it.
  • I told you so, Mrs. Carrington," spoke Miss Porter.

Definition of Spoke

simple past tense of speak | A support structure that connects the axle or the hub of a wheel to the rim. | (nautical) A projecting handle of a steering wheel.
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