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How To Use Sponsor In A Sentence?

  • A note is sent to each person selected as sponsor asking him to assume that friendly office.
  • Truesdale was wonderfully pleased to stand sponsor for me to them, without divulging my mission.
  • If the sponsor afterwards change his name, his name-child must also change his name.
  • And not one decent woman of high rank would sink to acting as sponsor for Marie.
  • The English-speaking residents there made one little colony, and Paine was sponsor for them all.
  • He was given a trial in the accounts department, and for five years his sponsor heard no more of him.
  • He knew that the wealthy man who was his sponsor in this new position was interested in whole blocks of houses whose curtains were always drawn.
  • It gives me great pleasure to say that I will be sponsor to the daughter whom God has given to you.
  • Monseigneur wished her to be with him sponsor to this poor young pagan whom they called Erebus, so that he can die a Christian.
  • Nietzsche, Darwin and Hegel have all been exploited and made to stand sponsor for specific philosophies of war.
  • As sponsor for the welfare and efficiency of the family and the home, the wife and mother should occasionally give some thought to the husband and father.
  • When the dancing is finished the sponsor takes a basket of corn prepared for ceremonial use and deposits it fifty yards or more to the east of the circle.
  • The idea that he was forcing upon Firmstone a set of conditions for which he would refuse to stand sponsor had occurred to him only as a possibility so remote that it was not even considered.
  • Then there is "spiritual relationship"; for example, the marriage of one who stood as sponsor in confirmation with a parent of the child is null and void.
  • But unexpected support for the Government came from Mr. Asquith, who as the original sponsor of the tax felt it his duty to support it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sponsor | Sponsor Sentence

  • On this occasion again a sponsor is called in.
  • The sponsor for the motion grew sarcastic.
  • On this occasion also a sponsor is selected.
  • My sponsor is an internationally known man in the field.
  • Anciently only one Sponsor was required.
  • General Lahorie acted as sponsor for the infant.
  • And no one would sponsor Marie.
  • The sponsor drinks three cups, and presents the cup to the child.

Definition of Sponsor

(transitive) To be a sponsor for. | A person or organisation with some sort of responsibility for another person or organisation, especially where the responsibility has a religious, legal, or financial aspect. | One that pays all or part of the cost of an event, a publication, or a media program, usually in exchange for advertising time.
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