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  • Its sponsors had no such hope.
  • The questions to the sponsors are taken from an old Office.
  • Parents are now allowed to act as sponsors for their children.
  • Very commonly sponsors for adults were deacons or deaconesses.
  • Apr. 21, by Dr. Patrick, the sponsors being Major-Gen.
  • Prince George of Denmark was one of the sponsors to his elder brother, George.

How To Use Sponsors In A Sentence?

  • Every infant has two god-parents, who act as sponsors at its subsequent marriage.
  • The use of Sponsors in the administration of baptism dates from the earliest times.
  • In the administration of Baptism, Sponsors have from time immemorial held an important place.
  • In taking their places the sponsors stand, the godfather on the right and the godmother on the left of the child.
  • The remodeling of the hall chosen introduced the sponsors of the movement to the fire-laws and resulted in a vast, unlooked-for expense.
  • In addressing myself to both sexes, I am in honorable company with these two sponsors and esteem myself the better for it.
  • Then follows a delicate negotiation with one of those dowagers who rather pique themselves on their good nature in standing sponsors to pushing nobodies.
  • The maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather usually act as sponsors for the first child, the maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother for the second.
  • Mr. Roberts was not so bold as to embrace Lutheranism among the sponsors of his polygamous cult; he only spoke of Luther.
  • The whole nation has been whipped up into hysteria over this business, both by the politicians in their anticommunist speeches and by the sponsors on Coloraudio system.
  • Its history and aims are much less clear than those of its Russian original, owing partly to the circumspect anonymity in which its sponsors have elected to veil themselves.

Definition of Sponsors

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sponsor | plural of sponsor
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