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  • What a spook that woman is!
  • Every spook has its own instrument of torture.
  • And to this hour that spook is seen upon the pier.
  • I think we put quite a spoke in his spook wheel, sir.
  • You see a spook in Castle Dangerous.
  • Why, a spook is only a vapor, you know, Elmer.
  • That'll look more like a spook than my pajamas will!

How To Use Spook In A Sentence?

  • The modern spook is possessed not only of humor but of a caustic satire as well.
  • The spook of to-day enjoys making his haunted laugh even while he groans in terror.
  • But for that month also he has slated a longish spook story of mine, besides my regular stuff.
  • He was, however, a spook of considerable spirit, and in a jiffy he met the occasion.
  • In fact, he was acquainted with the habits of every reputable spook in the Scotch peerage.
  • My fancy is only the shadow of what was certainly a reality not so very long ago; while your stories are spook yarns of the most hobgoblin shape.
  • Some of the villagers had been absent when the spook came, and when they returned they found dead people lying all about on the cold ground.
  • Also there are too many of them waiting for me down there and how can I stand up to them until I am a spook myself and know their ways of fighting?
  • I could partly see and partly hear something just ahead, and in a moment found it was our good faithful Cuff, and no frightful spook at all.
  • He's nervous as a cat over the pup as it is, an' this spook business is awful skeery; I'm feelin' woozy over it meself.
  • When the shadows came and hung on the bare walls of his office the spook pictures that had been painted by his school chum, the young operator went over to the little tavern for the night.

Definition of Spook

(transitive) To frighten or make nervous (especially by startling). | (intransitive) To become frightened (by something startling). | (transitive) To haunt.
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