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Definition of Sports

To participate in sports; typically used by a person with little interest in the subject to derisively elide details of the activity in question. | plural of sport

How To Use Sports In A Sentence?

  • I was fond of all sports which were spiced with danger, and particularly of hunting.
  • Every man among you sports a green ribbon, and has some compromising paper in his pocket!
  • I entered, too, with some enthusiasm, into all the rural sports and merrimakes of the village.
  • The aquatic sports were concluded, the fireworks over, and the fete in the park came to an end.
  • By sports like these are all his cares beguiled, The sports of children satisfy the child.
  • For second childhood; and devote old age To sports which only childhood could excuse.
  • Hunting the wild ass is among the most difficult sports of the Arabs and Persians.
  • I'd want to give a good deal of time to sports and all that, and I'd need a lot of money.
  • He had never neglected his class work in favor of athletic sports and his standing had always been high.
  • Pauline had never seen such golf and she worshipped bodily skill at games or sports more than any mental attainments.
  • Full of just the kind of fun, sports and adventure to excite the healthy minded youngster to emulation.
  • The games and sports which amused the people in these poorer quarters were not so refined as the ball-throwing of the princes and courtiers.
  • In the sports and amusements of that day he stood well with his fellows, and was well received in ever society.
  • The better class of the neighborhood, having no sympathy with such sports or scenes, do not visit village fairs.
  • America is evidently attempting to attract some of the devotees of winter sports who usually go to Switzerland.
  • When they grew to manhood, however, they abandoned these boyish sports and devoted themselves industriously to their machine and repair shop.
  • They should never be confined, at any employment, more than an hour at a time; and this confinement should be followed by sports in the open air.
  • Harry was interested in sports and athletics, and he confided to Frank that he was bound to make a try for both the baseball and football teams.
  • Compared with the sports in which horse and hound participate, all other outdoor pastimes in Ireland take rather a minor place.
  • He had a shrewd, though uneducated, mind, and his knowledge of sports and ability as a trainer had made him famous in the athletic world.
  • We shared in common the sports and the improvements of youth; and common sorrows, in maturer life, formed a still stronger bond.
  • He seems to have retained a boyish heart in the later years of his life, and he saw with pleasure the sports and pastimes of the Indian youth.
  • Of all the games and sports of the Spaniards, that of the bull-fight is the most cruel, and without one redeeming feature to excuse its indulgence.
  • Perhaps the fact that he was almost an invalid turned his attention away from the athletic sports of the other boys and gave him his intense interest in mechanics.
  • Outside there were sports and cricket, the big "Layton" motor to ride in, and the whole range of the field for romps and games.
  • They have laughed when it was not sympathized with, been reproved for loving fun, and deprived of innocent sports because they were not convenient to others.
  • In the summer it provided the chief interest of the country, and the pleasure it had brought was at least as great as that to be gained from the sports of autumn and winter.
  • The very same large humanity that disposed him to enter into the sports of children led him also to help the widow, to befriend the friendless and soothe the sorrowing.
  • At this festival, which was in honour of the birthday of the heir apparent, the sports of ancient Rome were renewed in the bull-ring of Spain.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sports | Sports Sentence

  • I cultivated all kinds of sports and exercises.
  • Name some winter and some summer sports and games.
  • The pair were alike foremost in the sports on the plain.
  • Weaving and embroidery for women, sports and war for men.
  • The child was seldom to be seen engaged in those sports natural to children.
  • The sports of the civilised man are means of life to the natural man.
  • It was not, however, only in active sports that he showed ability.
  • Then, too, there was a great arena for open air sports and competitions.
  • Fye thou keepest the sports from the marke; away, and returne.
  • That we should together fight, Both as one our sports pursue.
  • The English are sports in war,--too sporty in fact.

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