Sprang in a sentence

Definition of Sprang

simple past tense of spring

How to use Sprang in a Sentence?

  • Suddenly a bulky shape sprang from the ground within a few yards of him and bounded away.
  • He crouched in terror, and then sprang up and clicked his tongue in amazed recognition.
  • Azrael sprang from the ottoman with glowing cheeks, and seized the beldame by the shoulder.
  • The men sprang out silently, and the hush on the waiting throng seemed to deepen.
  • Tears sprang to my eyes at sight of the big, aggressive patch on the left sleeve.
  • Suddenly, with one bound, he sprang upon it, and seized the bar of the cage with his claws.
  • I sprang up and ran to the door, with some faint hope, for the moment, that Joe had returned.
  • The Englishman seized his pistols, sprang from his carriage, and called upon John to follow him.
  • I had never a stumbling footstep, and though I sprang back again, I did not spill a drop.
  • Then he sat forward and watched with the greatest eagerness, and he sprang out almost before we stopped.
  • She dropped the broom and sprang into the house, slamming the door shut just as the lynx hurled itself against it.
  • Archibald sprang to the floor in no small excitement; but the first thing he did was to see that both his doors were securely fastened.
  • Swift as a beam of morning he sprang up the steps, and with one hand upon the balustrade bowed to the audience.
  • He saw her dress gleaming among the bushes, and he sprang up the rocks to intercept the robbers as they bore off their prey.
  • She looked charming with her great boa tied about her throat, and sprang into the dog-cart all lightness and joy.
  • The alarm was given; the pirates threw hand grenades on deck and sprang up the main chains sword in hand.
  • Like a little child somewhat impatient over a morning lesson, he shook his hair back and sprang upon his feet.
  • I sprang over the back of the seat, and knelt in the bottom of the wagon-box, securing the rifle and cartridge-belt.
  • A transient cult sprang up among the Javanese populace as the ancient sanctuary revealed itself anew.
  • I did not care; for now a new excitement, child of the first and very like its parent, sprang within my breast.
  • The brook sprang from a hot spring, which, after racing down the deep valleys, buried itself beneath icebergs and snowdrifts.
  • Hard and white the day-dews stood upon the windows; the sky was clear as light itself, and my soul sprang as into the arms of freedom.

Short Example Sentence for Sprang

  • She sprang to her feet.
  • Patricia sprang up with her eyes alight.
  • Apafi sprang wrathfully from his seat.
  • Every one instantly sprang to his feet.
  • So sure was he, that he sprang to the door and looked out.
  • But Wenzinger sprang from his seat.
  • Jessie sprang to her feet, as if she would go on the instant.
  • I sprang up, slid down the ladder, and went out into the yard to meet him.
  • Azrael sprang up, seized the glass, and crushed it beneath her foot.
  • Whereupon Guard sprang up, overturning both jail and jailor.
  • With a sharp exclamation Gray sprang out of bed and made a dash at him.
  • With a mocking laugh Jerry sprang into the bushes along the road.
  • Helen sprang to her feet, and Philippa gripped the sides of her chair.
  • At the question, Corinna sprang up and made an impulsive step forward.
  • He sprang quickly from his seat, and hastened joyfully towards the Prince.
  • The Hungarian gentlemen sprang from their seats and reviled Banfi.
  • Dame Vizaknai sprang towards Denis Banfi and seized his horse by the bridle.

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