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  • Was he throwing his sprat to catch a mackerel?
  • Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
  • But thou art such a sprat of a man that my compassion forbids me.
  • But they don't care a sprat for us, not they!
  • You have not yet come to the last sprat of the first barrel' (Conington).

How To Use Sprat In A Sentence?

  • Young Castnet, like a sprat defying a sturgeon, refused to drive an enemy of his country.
  • Promises out of office are often the whale which only produces the sprat of legislation when the time of fulfilment arrives.
  • We now begin to find him devoting what Sprat most truly called "that great genius of yours" to architecture.
  • Dryden and Sprat wrote on the same occasion; but they were young men, struggling into notice, and hoping for some favour from the ruling party.
  • I may be only a sprat in your estimation, but even a sprat has its little feelings, its little heartaches, too, I daresay.
  • No sooner did the graceful creature catch sight of the head of the sprat than it swooped down upon the tin that contained it, snatching it from my hands, and flew off with it as speedily as possible.
  • What is said by Sprat of his conversation, that no man could draw from it any suspicion of his excellence in poetry, may be applied to these compositions.

Definition of Sprat

Any of various small, herring-like, marine fish in the genus Sprattus, in the family Clupeidae.
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