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  • New leagues are springing up continually.
  • Which here in springing glory reign!
  • My men were springing to their feet.
  • The grass and flowers are springing up.
  • The next minute she was springing up the staircase.
  • I cried, springing up from the sofa.
  • Philippa cried, springing up from her reclining position.
  • I cried, springing to my feet in alarm.
  • Crisp said, springing toward Zula, with clinched fists.
  • All of these animals hindered operations by stealing bait and springing traps.
  • Griffiths cried, springing to his feet in a sudden gust of rage.
  • From amidships, revolver in hand, the mate was springing toward him.
  • This is not to be borne, said I, at length, springing out of bed.
  • Dolly cried, springing forward, 'at last he has told you....

How To Use Springing In A Sentence?

  • Heroes are springing up in our midst, though brutal imprisonment reduce them to skeletons.
  • Simultaneously a shade, as from a springing cloud, had fallen upon that brilliant countenance.
  • At the present time righteousness is declining and unrighteousness is springing up in India.
  • The Englishman is not springing a trap for his admiration, but is honestly minding his business.
  • And, as his springing steps advance, Catch war and vengeance from the glance.
  • By and by the 'phone was ringing and she was springing up and hastening to answer it.
  • Hara," cried Gurupada, springing forward and seizing the tiger by the neck; "back, I say.
  • Then he passed to boisterous tricks; springing out on the maids from dark corners or the turns in the corridors.
  • We grew very impatient to get to solid ground, so we started too early and went springing from cake to cake.
  • His voice was as a sudden wind springing up amidst solitary leaves, it was so fitful, so vaguely sweet.
  • Melcourt-le-Danois had that characteristic which goes with all fine and fitting architecture of springing naturally out of the soil.
  • In a park luxuriantly decorated with beautiful trees and springing fountains, he has grouped strange and rare birds with domestic fowls.
  • There was a small artificial mound of stones at one side of the house, with a somewhat scanty growth of portulaca springing from its top.
  • Selfish found a rattle, a large, noisy rattle, and went to springing it until they were all tired of hearing the noise.
  • This flower was to the Egyptians the harbinger of coming plenty, for it symbolised the springing forth of the wheat.
  • For, supposing you should be cut off in the very first encounter, either by cannon-shot or the springing of a mine, what does it signify?
  • To my surprise he did not avail himself of the opportunity, but, springing up, begged my sister to walk with him to another part of the garden.
  • The savage walked round and round the pond, eagerly examining its borders, and the sedges and weeds springing up around it.
  • Griffiths yelled, springing to the peak-halyards, thrusting away the black who held on, and casting off the turn.
  • The present wooden roof was then erected, instead of a fine vaulting springing from a central pillar, which seems to have been originally intended.
  • As though in answer there comes springing through the dim light the hulking, slouching, round-shouldered figure of a big man.
  • Above these rich and delicate canopies, with foliage and fan-tracery springing from corbelled heads, runs an exquisitely sculptured frieze.
  • What a delicious jumble!" cried Rosamond, springing up to adjust a lock that had fallen.
  • His springing step Was stealthy as a tiger's, and the way Was clear before him.
  • Still I did not fire, until, when at a considerable distance, she was on the eve of diving, and she eluded the shot by springing to a side.
  • Suddenly some soldier, springing from behind, fired, and the gun went up, and Jonah was able to struggle to his feet.

Definition of Springing

That springs or spring. | (law, US, characterizing the power of attorney) That takes effect only after the incapacity of the grantor or some other definite future act or circumstance. | present participle of spring
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