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How To Use Sprinkler In A Sentence?

  • On the days when he swore at the sprinkler you could see his spectacles flash like dynamite.
  • Their maximum reach is about 18 feet; each sprinkler is about 12 feet from its neighbor.
  • After it rains or after sprinkler irrigation, water evaporates from the surface until a desiccated earth mulch develops.
  • Eggplant Grown without regular sprinkler irrigation, eggplant seems to get larger and yield sooner and more abundantly.
  • With normal sprinkler irrigation, corn may be spaced 8 inches apart in rows 30 inches apart, still yielding one or two ears per stalk.
  • The man who does not patrol his timber nowadays is like a millman who hires no watchman, has no hose or sprinkler equipment, and carries no insurance.
  • Lockwood had just finished sweeping out; the sprinkling upon the floor was not dry; it yet showed the figure 8s which he had made in swinging the sprinkler to and fro as he walked.
  • It is most effectually applied by pouring it from a small watering-pot, with the sprinkler off the spout, into the hair, so that it will fill it and cover the skin without being wasted.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sprinkler | Sprinkler Sentence

  • The ecclesiastic passed the holy water sprinkler to his neighbour.

Definition of Sprinkler

Anything that sprinkles. | An irrigation device that sprays water into the air whilst moving back and forth. | A fire sprinkler; a heat-activated fire extinguisher.
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